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2014 Magnolia Arkansas Fy-Low-In Pics and coverage- Saturday!

Discussion in 'GSN Event Coverage' started by SleepyC, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. HoumaX

    HoumaX New to GSN!

    Great pictures, hated to see that Mitch (cherrybomb) lost his giant carbon cub but wish I would have been there to see it in person!
  2. Kelley Payne managed to catch my Carbon Cub blow it's top off this weekend at the Magnolia Fly Low In. Enjoy the carnage!

  3. That was some awesome flying! Regret the lose...
  4. huvaljohn

    huvaljohn New to GSN!

    Had a really great time hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones.

    Brian and the rest of the crew put together a very nice event.

    Thank you Sleepy for making the trip down South to provide the coverage.

  5. So did one of my buddies. He had his airplane restrained with a rope, tied up to his workbench. Airplane rolled back, and the throttle advanced, somehow. He started it, and it lunged forward. Ripped off his right middle finger, just behind the first knuckle. This was a wood prop, not a CF prop. This is also another reason why I always preach to people to never start their engines at anything over an idle.
  6. SleepyC

    SleepyC 150cc


    Bunk same story.. rope restraint and the plane rolling back...

    SAD STUFF. but he has a great attitude.. BE SAFE GUYS!

  7. Totally agreed!! When I do restrain my airplanes with a neckstrap, I make doubly sure that I keep back pressure on my throttle stick.

    We bust jokes about his finger and such. No sense in getting all pissy and sad about it. Grin and bear it, take it on the chin and go on! :) Get back on that horse and whoop it! Don't let it beat you!

    RCHUGHES New to GSN!

    I have to tell ya, even though I put mine in not once but twice I still had a hell of a time, Thanks Brian,Josh and all the SOARK Taildraggers for another great time. Thank you everyone who jumped in to help fix me up Friday night, (Super Dave Hamlin, Josh Price, Troy Pogue, Rob Jasken, David James, Brian Hendricks, Vince Stanton and few more) See y'all at the next one
  9. Thank you to Sleepy C for getting out there to cover this event

    As always you did a great job.

    I enjoyed seeing the Carbon Cub in action, I have had the opportunity to fly one that a fellow club member has.

    although I did fly it that hard I enjoyed flying it very much. Sorry yours was lost

    Thanks again for all the pictures.
  10. I don't know what to say sleepy. Thank you for spending the better part of a week with us and doing what you love to do.

    I've seen you in action many times, but this week I was able to spend a little more time with you and now there's no doubt in my mind that your name needs to be added to giant scale hall of fame.

    I feel that without all your hard work, dedication, and love for this hobby, that there's no way that it would be where it is today.

    Thank you sir

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