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2012 Eagle Squadron SpookFest Fall Fly-In Saturday October 20 2012

Discussion in 'Events, Contests, Swap Meets' started by Joe's Dad, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Joe's Dad

    Joe's Dad 70cc twin V2

    The 2012 Eagle Squadron SpookFest! Our 3rd annual fall fly-in will be the biggest and best yet. Come out and join us October 20th for a day of friends, food, and most importantly, FLYING! Chase of the fall blues with some extreme 3D, relax with some hot apple cider and chili, and hang out with all your Eagle Squadron friends. All pilots are welcome, no matter what your flying style.
    Event Info
    Here’s what we have lined up:
    Joe Smith
    Open Flying
    Foamy Combat
    Streamer Combat
    RC Plane Paintball Shoot
    50/50 and Door Prizes
    Trainer Plane and Buddy-Box for First Time Pilots
    Chili, hotdogs, apple cider, coffee and doughnuts
    Candy and pumpkin painting for the kids
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  2. djmoose

    djmoose 70cc twin V2

    This isn't too far from me....I think I'll come....I need an event in October to attend!
  3. 3dNater

    3dNater 3DRCF Regional Ambassador

    Sounds like great fun. I wish I could be there. I feel pretty isolated here in UT as far as events go. All the fun seems to be in the South or Cali. We do have a few pretty awesome fly-ins each year but they are not geared toward 3d. Last year we had some guys visit from Colorado that brought some nice 3d planes and did some fun huckin. It was great. I just wish we could bring a huckfest here.

    I just thought of a question to ask the Smith's... stay tuned ;)
  4. We will be coming out, looks like a great time! Maybe we should bring Green Safety Guy?
  5. Joe's Dad

    Joe's Dad 70cc twin V2

    They have a really nice show. Just prepare for lots of Fun. No Safety guy needed LOL

  6. Joe's Dad

    Joe's Dad 70cc twin V2

    Spook Fest Video

  7. See now... There needed to be a safety guy... One that could get me safely through Fog..... We worked Band Concession at the High School the evening we wanted to leave. What Spookfest would not be complete without FOG? It missed, it was 5 hours east of Galion. :)


    My Daughter is in the Drum Line <proud parents bragging>
    Great Video and pictures.... It doesnt replace being there, but it makes it hurt a little less.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 24, 2012

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