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Scale 1/3 Scale Extra 330L Build.


640cc Uber Pimp
So glad I took the time to split the cowl. It makes such a difference. Real anxious when I did it but will do it again on any twin in the future.
Bottom half is 90% on and all is looking good so far. Plugs clear nicely no hang ups.



640cc Uber Pimp
Well at last looking back at the starting date it took a lot longer that I had ever thought it would take sorry about that. The plane is done everything built, radio programmed and the engine setup and test run on the test stand All that needs to be done is some pin-striping waiting for the postman and some summer weather.
All I can say thanks to all that helped me along and all the useful suggestions. It sure makes a build a lot more pleasurable and exiting. THANKS TO ALL.