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Cool The I'm going out flying thread 2017


640cc Uber Pimp

Picked up a club member and took his 60e Beast out. He flew it for about 4min and had to sit down so I flew it for a couple more minutes and landed it for him. That plane tracks great!

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640cc Uber Pimp
I made it out today. It was hot, but not near as humid as it has been, so it was pretty nice really. My GP61 in my Pilot Edge was being a giant pain today. It took forever to prime, which it's always done, but usually it starts pretty quick after it pops. Today after the pop all you would get after a few flips was one hit where it would pop back and forth and then you would have to choke it again. It did that about 4 times before it finally started. Once it started it ran perfectly. The second flight it did the same thing.:mad:

It was a day of carnage at the field. Luckily not me or my flying buddy Tony, but there were a few casualties.

Here is Tony's Carf Extra 330SC. I love this scheme!