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Weekend savings!!! Great Deals and NEW Video!

Discussion in 'RedwingRC.com' started by TimP, May 20, 2016.

  1. TimP

    TimP GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    MAY_20_1.jpg MAY_20_2.jpg MAY_20_3.jpg

    RedwingRC T-shirt only $5!

    with purchase of RedwingRC Hoodie

    It's still chilly in the morning! Dress in Redwing layers!

    Layer up and SAVE!!!


    Redwing Hoodie only $30!

    Add Hoodie and t-shirt to cart.

    At checkout enter code: RWGEAR

    Save $7.99 and get a t-shirt for only $5!

    *While Supplies Last

    Offer Valid through 05-22-16



    NEW Dualsky Motors & ESC

    Checkout the NEW Video!

    3 NEW Motors and 3 NEW ESCs

    In this selection of NEW Dualsky products you will find the perfect Motor and ESC for your set-up!


    Here is a great starting point:

    Low and Slow Flight = Dualsky XM 3542 + Dualsky 60 Amp ESC

    Fast and Aerobatic Flight = Dualsky XM 5050 + Dualsky 100 Amp ESC


    Dualsky XM 3542 EA-5 Motor

    Dualsky XM 4250 EA-9 Motor

    Dualsky XM 5050 EA-9 Motor


    Dualsky 45 Amp ESC

    Dualsky 60 Amp ESC

    Dualsky 100 Amp ESC




    20% OFF Redwing Props

    These props are amazing and with these prices you can afford to have a few extras on hand!

    Don't miss this great deal on high quality props!

    Stock up...Your favorite props are now 20% OFF!

    Available in Natural Wood, Painted Black, Painted White, and Painted Silver

    Choose from over 20 different sizes!!!!

    With over 3,000 of these props sold, it's clear that RedwingRC Props are winners!

    At checkout enter code: PROP20


    Offer Valid through 5-22-16



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