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Veloxity - the new 43" monster designed by cody wojcik

Discussion in 'TwistedHobbys.com' started by Rolling.Circle, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Guys and gals, Cody did such a nice job with this design, This is a very exciting offering from Twisted. Here are Cody's words around this new design...

    This summer, we started development of an ambitious new project. We had plenty of smaller foamies, from the awesome little pocket rockets like the mini MXS, Crack Yak, and Pitts, super light and precise indoor planes like the Edge V3 (congrats to Marek Plichta for taking 5th at the World Air Games flying this plane!) and Clik, Lite planes like the Crack Laser that are happy as both indoor monsters and go anywhere backyard flyers, tough as nails standard 32" planes like the venerable Crack Yak and MXS-C, and bigger backyard/park planes like the 39" Crack Yak and Flash. We also had the larger RCFactory 48" Sbach and Extra. But, we really had a bit of a gap in the line up, especially with the loss of some airplanes from another manufacturer.

    So, we set out to develop a medium sized foamy to fill this gap. But like all projects at Twisted, we wouldn't be happy with just scaling up a smaller design and giving the same flight experience in a different size. We had to innovate! We wanted to do everything we could to take advantage of the larger size.

    Enter the 43" Veloxity!

    VELOXITY 1.jpg

    Starting with what has worked well for previous aircraft, we carefully adjusted and tweaked areas and moments, and picked a unique and specialized airfoil designed to be responsive and firm feeling without giving up stability. We also selected a thicker, denser foam construction, and RCFactory followed it all up with carbon inlays in all the right places, as well as precise ball end linkage. The resulting airframe not only is a pleasure to build, but is insanely stiff and strong with no carbon or foam external bracing!

    We found that the super strong and stiff airframe was capable of supporting insane power levels, so the recommended power combo delivers just that! The Veloxity is capable of carrying 3S packs from 1500-2200 mah. A cheap 2200 mah pack will easily get you 6.5 minute flights! The new METAL GEARED and aluminum-cooled ICE servos are strong, precise, and fast.

    VELOXITY 2.jpg

    In the air, the extra mass and stiffness delivers a flying experience never before available in a foamy. It's precise, stable, crazy when you want it to be, and can tumble and spin almost like a wood airplane. Long, high speed slow rolls right on the deck, blistering rifle rolls, super easy knife edge, and of course, all the 3D you can handle are all squarely in the Veloxity's repertoire.

    VELOXITY 3.jpg

    If you are not yet an Xtreme Aerobatics super star, fret not. The Veloxity is extremely easy to fly with reduced control throws, and the extra mass and power will keep you in the air if there is a bit too much breeze for the 32" planes. As a stepping stone between flat foamies and a larger, more expensive balsa plane, the Veloxity is without equal. It's also durable enough to keep flying after crashes that would atomize full fuselage EPP foam planes, and simple and easy to repair after especially brutal dirt naps

    In the past, we have experimented with CA, and always recommended Welder. Welder is strong, resilient, and light. CA is very quick and easily obtained but does not evaporate, and is brittle, resulting in a heavier airplane that is not as durable. However, we have found that over time, Welder deteriorates in UV light (sunlight) and becomes brittle and yellow. Foam Tac has similar properties to Welder in application and once dried, but lasts and lasts in the sunlight. For this build I will use Foam Tac. All will work, but Foam Tac is by far my favorite.

    Get one here http://www.twistedhobbys.com/Twisted-Hobbys-43-EPP-Veloxity-EPP-43-Velox.htm

    So, that was Cody's input. This is a cutting edge 3D model. The build is a lot like the MXS. There are no Rod Guides. All surfaces are connected to servos with control rods that have ball links on each end (no slop). The foam is, put simply, epic.

    We will have videos being released this weekend. Hope you stop in to check them out. Enjoy! - Rolling Circle
  2. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    Whoa!!! That is one clean looking airframe!!! I love the graphics and the solid looking fuse!
  3. Yeah, Mike. She is beautiful. Main fuse is 20mm thick. So stiff and light it's sickening but yet it's got the EPP Durability that is legendary. Wings and stabs are airfoiled. The upcoming vids are sure to be insane. Cody, Benton, me and possibly Mr Jewett will be contributing. We will make sure the vids make there way to your site!
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 9, 2015
  4. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    Awesome! I just sent Brad an email, congratulating him on what's like the best TH Foamy to date. Looks like it will be a big seller.
  5. It's got my interest I may have to add to my collection and make my 39" crack yak the mid sized foamy!! Looking forward to the view and build!

  6. Twisted Realm


    We are absolutely in love with our new Veloxity guys, this model we have been working on for a while and all of us here at Twisted Hobbys are extremely please with the results. Cody pursuit to create something better then we have done in the past and to out performance similar size models while yet building her is super quick will all be found with the new 43" EPP Veloxity. Keep an eye of for some videos shortly from our team.

    Twisted Hobbys
  7. im just getting back into flying after taking a yr or so off due to opening a business. I need a new TH plane to knock the rust of me fingers. This looks like a perfect match for me
  8. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    Looks like an easy build as well!!! I'm just maybe getting one in the mail soon!
  9. Oh boy!! This one looks really good... As are the others... I have 2 crack turbo beavers, a 32" crack yak and a 39" crack yak, I think this one is on my list for sure
  10. Seriously.... sickening...

    Last edited: May 17, 2016

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