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Sport The Kool Kanary (Giant Hot Kanary)

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale Scratch and Kit Build Threads' started by Bipeguy03, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Sorry for disappearing for such a long time guys, let me assure ya I'm alive and well... Well mostly lol

    Life and some minor health issues got in the way of modeling and I haven't even got to touch the Kanary since my last post.

    I'll be getting back to work on it in the next couple of days finally as things have calmed down. I'm looking forward to getting it finished up, and seeing how it flies.

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  2. Great to hear from you bro. Hope you’re doing well.
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  3. 49dimes

    49dimes Damn I'm hungry

    Me too! Know exactly what you mean about life and health interruptions.
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  4. Looking forward to seeing where you are at with this one.
  5. 5/28/16

    Was just hoping that there was an update on this neat airplane. Bipeguy ya doing OK?
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  6. I'm back!!!!

    Okay, I know its been waaaaaaaaaaaay too long but I'm finally back on the Kanary.

    So to start, I finally found some blue vinyl that was at least close to the Bahama blue dope for the stars on the bottom wings. So with that a few days ago I got them cut and put on.

    Then, after waiting and waiting for the black vinyl to come of back order I gave up and painted the numbers on the wing.

    So now it's up to what I've been doing the last few evenings, and that is cowl and wheel pants. After a couple of evenings body working and chasing pin holes, I started painting the pinstripes last night. And this afternoon I finished all of the base colors.

    Tomorrow I'll get the last few stars on the cowl and pants and then Clear coat the hole plane. Then its on to finishing all the details :)

    WP_20180522_001.jpg WP_20180523_002.jpg WP_20180610_001.jpg WP_20180611_002.jpg
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  7. :woohoo!:

    Great to have you back and in action @Bipeguy03 . And the Kool Kanary is looking GREAT!!!
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  8. 49dimes

    49dimes Damn I'm hungry

    :ooh?: Oh my! That looks absolutely splendid. Really like the "Flushed Head" cowl attachment method too. Very sporty :attaboy:.
  9. Clear is done!! Which means that other than a few odds and ends the paint work is finished.

    Tonight I wanted to do something a little less stressful so I decided to build my pilot. It's a 1/4 scale Williams Brothers Standard pilot just like in the Krier Kraft.

    I started with cutting him down to size, which included going to far and having to put some back in the form of carved Balsawood. I then cut slots in the goggles and used some Sig contest rubber band as a strap. After that it was on to painting him.

    I painted his jacket red so that it would stick out in the sea of blue that is the top of the fuse, seatbelts black goggles grey with silver frames...

    The helmet was an experiment, and pretty successful I think. I wanted to imitate leather, so I painted the helmet flat brown. I then dry brushed some black in the seems, around the front and lightly all over. The black was a little to pronounced so I then dry brushed some more flat brown over the black. When that was dry I then used Model Masters black detail wash over the hole helmet and after a minute or so wiped the excess off with a paper towel.

    I'm quite happy with it and think it pretty respectively imitates leather. Tomorrow I will cut some small pieces of medical cloth tape and make belt loops for the goggle strap.

    WP_20180613_002.jpg WP_20180613_003.jpg WP_20180613_006.jpg WP_20180613_008.jpg WP_20180613_010.jpg
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  10. NICE!!!
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