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The I'm NOT going out flying thread.


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This is a thread for those of us who can't go out flying on a regular basis. I own a 8-10 person plumbing company and have 2 active young boys. Both boys play sports virtually a year around and I coach my older son's baseball team. It isn't easy breaking away to squeeze in a few flights.

Today's excuse was it is my younger sons birthday and I took him out shopping for an item or 2 on his list.

What is your excuse today?


70cc twin V2
Began the year with a quad bypass, rained all spring, hot all summer, couldn't get motivated to practice for last weekend IMAC contest, flew like Shiiite. I think I may have burned out.
Heat heat and more heat. This is my first summer in Houston and I was not prepared at all for the heat here. A few days ago, at 9pm it was still 100 degrees. Heat indexes are in the 110+ range. I'm hoping it'll cool soon because right now I'm not getting any flying. To make matters worse, my shop is my garage and has no AC so I can't even get any shop time. I never thought I'd miss the weather in Boston.
Man, what a Debbie Downer thread!!!! (I was going to start the same thread a while back) I remember when my kids were little and the older guys saying they couldn't fly because of family. Thought that would never be me, but guess what?
Yep. I think the older I get the more family obligations come into play. Not so much my immediate family, my wife is fine with me flying and my son is 24 and a Lt in the army so he is very busy with his own life, it's more extended family(elderly parents and siblings) who mostly live at least one state away. Up until this past weekend my wife and I spent 4 consecutive weekends out of town visiting for b-days and reunions. Not complaining in that very blessed to still have most of my family, but it definitely has cut into the hobby.;)