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Texas Wings RC Giant Scale Fly-in March 27th thru 29th

Discussion in 'Events, Contests, Swap Meets' started by Rpflyingtaz, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. Texas Wings RC Club will be hosting their annual Giant Scale Fly In March 27th thru 29th. We are located in Newark, Texas just minutes North of Ft Worth.

    If it has wings and is big to you we like it. There will be a few raffles Saturday Evening just before a dinner. There is a $25.00 landing fee and AMA is required for the event. This is a great time to come out knock off the dust and cob-webs from the winter months and have fun. Come on out see old friends, make new friends and enjoy three fun filled days of flying (all styles welcome). We are all about fun and fellowship. Please let your friends know and more details to come.

    Pilots List:
    Gary Strictland
    Patrick Mason
    Mimi Mason
    Ty Keith
    Jeff Dalton
    Greg Friest
    Tony Stelly
    John Jennings
    Jonathan Jennings
    Brian Hendricks
    David James
    Paco Ritter
    Ronnie Dean
    Gary Moxley
    Ken Rucker
    Lynn Day
    Cyntha Ely
    Stacey Butler
    Jared Clark
    Murry Adams
    Steve Gurley
    Rick Byrd
    Jacob Helber
    Blake Brown
    Rob Maxwell
    Shawn Braunagel
    Roman Paryz
    Jim Hosfelt
    John Neyland
    Daryl Clay
    Randy Hutterer
    Ohio Av8tor
    Jacob Helber
    Joe Puentes
    Jake Davis
    Blake Brown
    Beto Perez
    KC Carlton

    Attached Files:

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  2. I will definitely put this on my calendar
  3. Torquerolljoe

    Torquerolljoe Wannabe Pilot!!

    Why do I have to live so far away??? I'll try to make it if I can!!
  4. Were just north of you.
  5. Torquerolljoe

    Torquerolljoe Wannabe Pilot!!

    It's about a 7 hour drive. Not bad but not the best. I'll play it by ear!

  6. Let me know if your thinking of coming. We are 2 months away.
  7. If you are thinking of coming to Ft Worth in March let me know. I know a bunch of you are. I need to start to get the BBQ head count. I will post hotel info shortly. Also note NASCAR is 2 weeks after my event. Finally got it right.
  8. Hampton Inn & Suites N. Ft. Worth-Alliance Airport
    13600 N Fwy Service Rd E
    Fort Worth, TX 76177
    United States
    ~$76 a night and 14 miles from the Field (21 min)

    Hilton Garden Inn Fort Worth Alliance Airport
    2600 Westport Pkwy
    Fort Worth, TX 76177
    United States
    ~$85 a night and 14 miles from the Field (21 min)

    Rhome Motel 6
    300 Holly Pkwy
    Rhome, TX
    ~$53 a night and 5.2 miles from the Field (9 min)
  9. This just in, our raffle for the event is 50cc Pilot Extra 300 airframe.
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