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For Sale Taranis X9D

Discussion in 'Transmitters/Receivers' started by BalsaDust, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. BalsaDust

    BalsaDust Moderator

    Taranis X9D for sale. In good working order but I'm switching over to the X9-Lite.
    Still only running OpenTX 2.1 as I never had any need to upgrade past that.
    Mods include
    Speaker upgrade and baffle to improve sound.
    M9 Hall Effect Gimbals (these things are amazing)
    Aluminum balance bar.
    Momentary switch moved to left side as I'm a DLG flyer
    Grip Tape also applied for better grip during DLG launches.
    Front shell painted for better appearance over stock color.
    Original NiMH battery as well as 3S 1500mah Life battery included.

    No SD Card as I moved it over to the X9-Lite but can email all SD card content to buyer if desired including Amber Sound Pack.
    $150 shipped.

    Also have three D4R-II receivers. Work perfectly with this radio but my new taranis will not bind to them. Two have had pins reversed to better fit a dlg fuse. $15 a piece shipped or $40 shipped for all three. F8B51D9D-B84E-4E1E-959F-5AF910839049.jpeg 09451AB5-FAA9-47B0-84FE-0D0E30908CED.jpeg EBACBE6C-27F4-4C5D-BB46-217C0F9DC5AB.jpeg 8618FF00-62C8-4ABD-A452-0CECBA784E63.jpeg 2C1C49C5-BAEF-4238-9CF0-CCF84427BDC1.jpeg 79D674D3-EFD8-4958-9F00-8F8117987B71.jpeg
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