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Question/ Discussion- IMAC- Downsizing Airframes and Airspace?

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by dth7, Mar 22, 2013.


How important is it to see 35cc become more prevalent in IMAC?

  1. Very Important

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  2. Important

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  3. No Opinion

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  4. Not important at all

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  1. dth7

    dth7 3DRCF Regional Ambassador

    A discussion began on this thread- http://www.3drcforums.com/showthread.php?1285-35cc-vs-50cc/page4 around page 4 a couple days ago. I think it deserves some attention and at some point a poll. For now please weigh in with your thoughts. My point is that there appears to be a new emerging class of airframe in the 35cc size (75-85") that is becoming very attractive to folks who have trouble either affording or transporting a 50cc or larger airframe. The other issues (mostly observed in the congested Northeast) are noise complaints and field availability. The new 3DRCF 38 shootout exemplifies my point. Is there room in IMAC for this class (to be taken seriously?). Is there a demand for EMAC? Don't know- "talk amongst yourselves" :)

    I am new to the IMAC scene. I'm actually headed to my first judging seminar tomorrow. It seems that the theme at events appears (based on comments I see and hear) that it's go big or go home! A 30cc-40cc Airframe (75-85" wingspan) is considered a "small" plane at anything above Basic and even those are populated heavily by 50cc and larger frames. I'm thinking there is room to shrink the flying airspace and be able to accommodate the 35cc class in the higher class levels (above Basic) without making them feel like a "red headed step child". Yes, bigger is easier, presents better and can be seen farther away. However, if you can't get a plane that large or transport it should the ability to compete be limited? If the flying area were adjusted for the size airframe, couldn't that work?

    Just opening up the conversation. I'll be the first to admit I am learning as I go with IMAC and competition in general. I am brand new at it. However, I am hearing more and more questions about 30, 35 or 50cc so I figured I'd open up the can of worms here for some discussion.
    Thanks for you feedback in advance.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 22, 2013
  2. cwojcik

    cwojcik 70cc twin V2

    There are two things that will make 30cc more popular in IMAC: rules that require or reward them, or 30cc planes that outperform larger planes. The fact is that the IMAC community has already invested in large airplanes and the means to transport them so it will be difficult to get them to change anything.

    Right now, as people move up through the hobby they become more and more willing to invest in larger airplanes. Usually, if you have been flying at the Basic level, a smaller airplane won't hold you back much.
  3. dth7

    dth7 3DRCF Regional Ambassador

    Hypothetical- A person loves precision aerobatics and wants to compete (realistically) in IMAC above Basic class. This person cannot get anything larger than a 35cc airframe (for whatever reason). Is this person at a disadvantage? If so, then is a multi size/ multi class competition fair? If the larger airframe is going to impress the judges and give an advantage isn't it more about size than scale? Maybe I'll learn more about the subtleties in the system as I progress.
  4. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    I had a discussion with a local pilot about his forays into the IMAC competition here in Texas. Here are some of the things mentioned:

    - judged by fellow competitors, so there was a WIDE variance in scoring
    - above the basic class, its a good ol' boys which network looked down on inexpensive planes (non carden or dalton). Atmosphere of "pay to play"
    - small planes don't score as well against larger ones... Both because of the judges preconceived opinions, as well as visibility.

    I've never done IMAC, just regurgitating what he told me.

  5. dth7

    dth7 3DRCF Regional Ambassador

    Thanks Gary,

    The IMAC judging seminar went well today and the guys were very welcoming. I learned some things. We'll see how things go when I compete and judge. I will be in the "small plane club" with my little 78". I'll keep this thread open as I progress.

  6. cwojcik

    cwojcik 70cc twin V2

    That sucks to hear. I can tell you that that's not the case in the northeast. I have won Unlimited flying a 50cc ARF competing against professionally built Cardens, and I have been beaten, while flying my Carden, by someone flying a 100cc ARF.
  7. dth7

    dth7 3DRCF Regional Ambassador

    No matter what you like to fly- that's funny! That's the reason for the poll and the thread. Is there some reasonable middle ground for IMAC? I may resort to local, fun practice/ competition with the people who want to get better. I'm going to try a few competitions just to gain an educated opinion. You won't find a $10K Carden or anything close to that in my hangar anytime soon and I suspect never! There's a ton of fun to be had for much less and still get a load of performance at the same time.
  8. SnowDog

    SnowDog Moderator

  9. Ya Cody. When I was at my first IMAC Competition( Goshen) I was very welcomed with only my 70" Slick. I loved it and had a great time and hope to be at a ton fo the events this year.


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