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Prop Choice for IMAC - DA120/RE2 Pipes

Discussion in 'IMAC>>>Aircraft, Techniques, Equipment, etc.' started by scruffmeister, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Hi All,

    For the last two IMAC seasons I've been running a DA120 on JMB TRA-40 canisters, turning a 25x12S Mejzlik 3-blade prop. It's been working great, but...

    I'm planning to put the engine on RE2 pipes for next season to give me a bit more power. Can anyone recommend a prop for IMAC with this configuration - ideally 3-blade?

  2. I have a feeler out for one of the guys in SC to see what prop he is running on his 120 with RE2's.
  3. Mej 27 x 12th 3 blade is what he is running and it does really well. It will rip if you stay in the throttle on a downline or straight line into the wind. With throttle control it is very manageable.
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  4. Thanks, great info!

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