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PM Research Mini Engine Lathe Build

Looks good Tony,
But the threaded part must be in the center of two non threaded ends. I can do the center drilling and also cut in the key slot. I just don't have any way to cut the threads. The threads look really good though!!


Oh, I know that I was simply testing, I had to change the tool that I ground after I noticed it was cutting more like a thread. At any rate PM me your address and I will mail it to you. I didn't make the reliefs as big on each end as shown on the drawing since there was no dimension provided and I didn't need to make it bigger since I kept the half nut engaged and turned the lathe by hand. You can make those bigger if needed, much easier to take off than add! I drilled and reamed the center hole.



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Yep, it has the same 3 bolt pattern and relief that my lathe spindle has. It fit right on. I made sure it was a bolt on fit before getting it. I'm pretty sure they make the same chuck for the ER32 as well, with a couple different styles for different lathes. I almost got the C5 style, but I'd of had to make the backplate for my lathe.

I should get collets for my mini lathe............
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