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Official Rolla Moldelers Big Bird pics thread

Discussion in 'Member Event Coverage' started by Decal Dennis, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. 20160923_104235.jpg 20160923_104312.jpg 20160923_104352.jpg 20160923_104433.jpg 20160923_121323.jpg 20160923_121423.jpg 20160923_121517.jpg 20160923_121529.jpg 20160923_121533.jpg 20160923_121632.jpg 20160923_121644.jpg 20160923_122045.jpg 20160923_122102.jpg 20160923_122118.jpg 20160923_122154.jpg 20160923_122400.jpg 20160923_122350.jpg 20160923_122518.jpg 20160923_122500.jpg The 8th annual Rolla Modelers event has begin, despit being early in the event, many pilots have shown up and are tearing up the skies.
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  2. No fair! You guys can't have fun without me.

    Party doesn't start till I get there!
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  3. 20160923_124733.jpg 20160923_124843.jpg 20160923_124845.jpg 20160923_124847.jpg 20160923_125033.jpg 20160923_125042.jpg 20160923_125046.jpg 20160923_125050.jpg 20160923_125054.jpg 20160923_125114.jpg 20160923_135725.jpg
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  4. A big thanks to all who showed up today, tomorrow will be even better when everyone shows up. Also a big thanks to all the sponsors who made the event happen.
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  5. See you guys bright and early in the morning!

  6. I will get saturday pics posted later on today
  7. 20160924_102042.jpg 20160923_135725.jpg 20160923_143821.jpg 20160923_143851.jpg 20160924_102131.jpg 20160924_102138.jpg 20160924_102152.jpg 20160924_102200.jpg 20160924_102218.jpg 20160924_102242.jpg
  8. 20160924_102305.jpg 20160924_102415.jpg 20160924_102422.jpg 20160924_102443.jpg 20160924_102510.jpg 20160924_102517.jpg 20160924_102531.jpg 20160924_102724.jpg 20160924_102902.jpg 20160924_103052.jpg 20160924_103108.jpg 20160924_103126.jpg
  9. 20160924_103144.jpg 20160924_105822.jpg 20160924_105838.jpg 20160924_105845.jpg 20160924_110030.jpg 20160924_110023.jpg 20160924_110040.jpg 20160924_110057.jpg 20160924_110117.jpg 20160924_110146.jpg 20160924_110152.jpg 20160924_110159.jpg
  10. 20160924_110258.jpg 20160924_110403.jpg 20160924_110437.jpg 20160924_110516.jpg 20160924_110925.jpg 20160924_111003.jpg 20160924_111008.jpg 20160924_111058.jpg 20160924_111111.jpg 20160924_111120.jpg 20160924_111142.jpg 20160924_111519.jpg 20160924_111523.jpg 20160924_111605.jpg 20160924_112043.jpg 20160924_121216.jpg
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