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New to us airframe....

@Jeffro503 yes I have everything for it and have been working on it slowly. I went with Savox servos on the control surfaces except for the rudder where I have a JR 8711. All the servos are mounted and control surfaces attached. I did spend some time on the throttle servo, JR, and choke servo, again JR mounting setup but they turned out good. I went with an EME 55V2 for the engine, I like that engine partially because of the short stand offs that keep the engine from flexing as much as the long stand offs. The cowl is going to fit nicely as the holes you had cut for your engine were almost exactly what I needed for the EME, very minor cutting needed. I went with a Spektrum 12 channel powersafe receiver and running two 2 cell 6.6 volt batteries and I still need to clean up the wiring, mount the 4 satellite receivers, put in the aero plus fuel tank and fuel lines... That airplane is going to be in my next review... I have a question, I see you have some ink lines drawn on the fuse under the canopy area around where the fuel thank is mounted... What were those lines for?....

If I remember right , I think those ink lines where when I was playing with the CG. I always liked flying my planes with a pretty neutral CG. Not nose or tail heavy. I had to run my Dual RX batteries up front along with the fuel tank as well , because the BME 58 was so dang light. I also ran wood props instead of the CF because I liked the quick spool up , where the CF spooled up a little slower. The BME was a great mid-range to top end motor and didn't have much grunt off the bottom.