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New EFI DA-120 shown at WRAM


70cc twin V2
Matt sent this pic from WRAM today


  • DA-120 EFI.JPG
    DA-120 EFI.JPG
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Defender of the Noob!
That's so damn cool, I'll be there tomorrow. Curious to know what it uses for a pump and how much it needs in the way of electrical power to make it all work.
Mostly gonna be used in government applications. You will still have that stray person who will use it for hobby use. Give me a carb any day.
Gotta agree with you on the 'government application' ....... and God Bless 'Em for investing the time and effort into such advances, as without them they and companies like them might not be able to continue to provide us lowly smucks with the standard carb version!


Damn I'm hungry
Wonder if a less costly retrofit package is available or how much it would cost to get our current 120's updated.

My 120 just happens to be free of an airframe right now but me thinks the update would be just as much or more as a new standard version.


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