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Lima Area Radio Control Society (LARKS) 17th Annual Big Bird Fly-In

Discussion in 'Member Event Coverage' started by SleepyC, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. SleepyC

    SleepyC 150cc

    Lima Area Radio Control Society (LARKS) 17th Annual Big Bird Fly-In

    Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 11.09.19 AM.png

    July 24th Thru the 26th 2015
    Open to any Giant Scale Airplane (old IMAA) and Sunday is Open to all
    We have Camping (no Hook ups) but limited space for Campers/RV's so please call to check availability
    $5.00 Pilot Registration Free to Spectators
    50/50 Drawing and Pilot Raffles


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  2. toysforbigboys

    toysforbigboys 70cc twin V2

    going to have to try to make this one....not to far from home :)
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  3. I know we're on the same weekend as the BG 3D fest in Kentucky, but this is really for they guys and gals that can't make it down there or have other types of giant scale birds.

  4. I got this on my calendar.
  5. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing you there!!
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  6. Our field clean up weekend is next month, going to break out the rollers and make sure we have one of the smoothest fields in Ohio for you guys this year!!
  7. If anybody is from around the area, our last Indoor Fly-in of the year is tomorrow night at the Shawnee Alliance Church on Shawnee road in Lima. Starts at 6pm, registration is $10. AMA is required to fly.

    Good way to meet some of the guys for the upcoming flying season!
  8. Man looks like a great time
    Definitely looking at my schedule
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  9. Even with all the rain we've had in Ohio, some of our great club members have stayed on top of the field. It's now been rolled 4 times and will be rolled a couple of more times before the Fly-In in a couple of weeks. We also have a new load of stone coming for the parking lot so we have the field in tip top shape and are just about set!!


    Most of the club members will be at the field around NOON on Friday, some (including myself) will be there early Friday morning.

    -FRIDAY is an open flying day, and there will be night flying Friday night until 11:30 p.m
    -SATURDAY will be Giant Scale ONLY, (following the old IMAA guidelines) until 4 p.m
    -THE MOVIE will start at dusk, and we'll have popcorn and drinks available
    -NIGHT FLYING Saturday night after the movie until 11:30 p.m
    -SUNDAY will be OPEN flying all day

    The movie will be decided on by the crowd Saturday night, between: Disney's Planes, Planes 2, The Aviator, Red Tails, Top Gun or Memphis Belle. Make sure to bring blankets, chairs and insect repellent!

    So, load up your trailers with everything you got and come spend the weekend with us! Hopefully the weather gods in Ohio will spare us a weekend with no rain lol. As of now, we only have 2 confirmed campers so we still have some space available for you if you want to camp, also there are plenty of hotels located less than 5 minutes from the field and feel free to PM me for more info.

    We know that the Extreme 3D fest in BG Kentucky is the same weekend, but if you can't make it down there we'd love to have you come and fly with us!

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