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Kind of at a crossroads, need some advice/opinions/etc.

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by wade, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. wade

    wade 50cc

    I started out flying about 2 years ago. Flew a little nitro trainer, and got it down pretty good. One of the regulars at the field let me fly his 42" slick, no buddy box. He took it off, let me fly it, then I handed it off to him to land. I was hooked at the time, flying every weekend, all day long and loved it.

    I bought a 47" extra shp and continued my flying obsession, and loved every minute of it.

    Here's where everything took a turn. I got my first gasser, a slipstream 30cc mx2. I got one flight out of it before crashing it (72mhz, and I was used to 2.4ghz), forgot to pull the antenna out. Bought another one just like it, got it too far out and lost orientation, piled it in. (This was after waiting about 6 months to get another gas plane going).

    I decided to save up and get a 3dhs 72" extra at Joe Nall this year. Have had nothing but bad luck with it. Either the motor doesn't want to start, or it dead sticks, or just something happens almost every time I take it up.

    I feel like the 30cc gas planes are just a curse for me. I like flying my small electrics, but it's hard to get in to the mix at the airfield when everybody has 100+" wingspan 3dhs planes, I've just got to the point where I don't even want to go.

    I did buy an 87" extra shp from a buddy at the field, but the da50 did not want to start last time out. We tried everything, and came to the conclusion that the carb may need to be rebuilt.

    Truth be known I'm just getting to where I'm not sure how I feel about the hobby. I would like to just have one good running reliable airplane, and get to where I enjoy flying again like I did when I started with my small electrics.

    Thanks for listening to me whine, I'm sure somebody out there has been in the same predicament I'm in.
  2. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    I've definitely had some days where I spent more time at the field trying to get my planes to run, than actually flying them, so I know how you feel.

    Do you fly at a club much? I've heard the guys over at house mountain are a good bunch, maybe some of them can help you tune the engine right?

    Also, I know it's not the answer you probably want to hear, but maybe you could try and sell the DA 50, and pick up a new DLE55. I know the DA is a "better" engine, but this way you could start over fresh with a new engine and break it in yourself. You'll know exactly what your dealing with as you'll be the only owner. I've flown the 87" on a DLE55, and it's for plenty of power for that airplane.

    Either way, don't quit! Just persevere; long days flying are just around the corner.
  3. wade

    wade 50cc

    Thanks for the reply Gyro!

    I do fly at house mountain, and they are a great bunch of people. I honestly feel like I knock a lot of them out of flying time when I come up due to my planes having problems. They are always there to help, and I am very grateful for them.

    The gentleman I bought the DA50 from said he would buy it back if we can't get it running.

    I do have a ton of planes on the back burner right now, I guess it's just that one 72" extra that I feel is like a cursed plane. I have a 70 velox on the bench waiting for a mb kit, and new in box 71 electric slick, and just ordered a 48" extra 330 epp. I think I really just tried to progress too fast, and should have taken it slower and spent more time with the basics.

    I met snowdog at the FLI this year, wish you could have made it up, would have liked to have met you
  4. njswede

    njswede 150cc


    You may just be trying to progress too fast as you said. You don't HAVE to fly big gassers! My all time favorite plane is the 51" AJ Slick. It does everything exceptionally well, handles almost any weather, it fits in any car, takes a minute to set up and is inexpensive enough that I can practice new tricks with it without fear of bankrupting myself.

    Other than that, I agree with what Gyro that if you're new to gas, it's better to buy a new engine from a reputable vendor than a used one. I recently had an engine I just couldn't get to run right and that eventually failed catastrophically. But because it came with warranty, I could just send it back and have it rebuilt. It's been running perfectly since then. Small gas engines are a bit temperamental and there's definitely a learning curve, so you want to make things as easy as possible.

    Maybe you should just build that electric 71" Slick and fly it for a while and let the gassers rest? The 71" is a wonderful plane too!

  5. SnowDog

    SnowDog Moderator


    SnowDog here ;) good to hear from you! I'm gonna give you different advice than Pontus...stick with a gasser; you won't regret it once you get your problems figured out. Once you get your 71" Slick flying, you will not be able to stop flying it! Which 30cc motor do you have in the 72" Extra right now? If it is a DLE-30, I will offer to trade you my perfectly running DLE-30 which is in my 71" Slick (which you saw at House Mountain) for your DLE-30. That way you know you will have a known good engine for your plane, and I can get yours running in my airframe.

    I know the guys at House Mountain that I met won't care about spending time with you to help you get it going. I do the same thing at my club...probably spend 60% or more of my time helping other guys and/or buddy boxing new pilots...I enjoy that just as much as flying myself...so don't hesitate to ask for help.

    Let me know.


  6. Buick Mackane

    Buick Mackane 70cc twin V2

    hey Wade, don't give up. even a bad day at the airfield is still a pretty good day overall. i understand your frustration, and it may take a little time/money, but if you're like me…there are few things that goose my attitude like getting airborne and wringing it out. i agree with Gyro, maybe a new motor or possibly help from a hobby shop to get your existing engine running. good luck dude
  7. wade

    wade 50cc

    Thanks for the replies everybody! I think I can just chalk it up to getting into a funk. We got the dle 30 that was on my 72 swapped out with a brand new one, I just need to buy another landing gear and prop. The one that was on there just had some gremlins, we believe it was the carb.

    The guys at house mountain are incredible, I've been very fortunate to have people like this to fly with. My plans for the winter are to get everything in good running condition and then just wear it out when flying weather gets here. I believe a lot of the things can be fixed by just getting out there and getting some stick time, which I didn't do much this year.

    I appreciate the motivation, I really needed it
  8. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    [MENTION=700]Wade[/MENTION] Ok I'm gonna give you some advice as well. I used to have several planes but I felt the same as you. Now I have two! That's right just two. It gives me the opportunity to really know both planes very well and I don't have the maintenance head ache. Note: I think I will get a third in the future... but will keep the plane count low.

    On the DA50.... KEEP IT!!! Send it to DA and they will go over it top to bottom even if it's past the warranty date. The rates are VERY reasonable and you will have a fresh engine done by the best! DLE has some great offerings but trust me... a DA is a BA (Bad A$$) engine.

    Just my thoughts!
  9. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    Good point about DA's maintenance service... Forgot about that.
  10. Enterprise

    Enterprise 150cc

    My first gasser 3 years ago was a nightmare as well. It was a EG 88" Raven on a DLE-55. Usual teething problems with a few dead sticks. Vibration kept kicking out canopy and stab bolts. It was a pain to transport in my old Ranger pickup and after a while I just left it at home a flew my 30cc electrics. Only when all the charging rigamaroll got to me did I go back to gas. Started back with some Mintors, which have an entirely no fun story. All 3 of my DAs have had to go back for service. Only this past season can I say I got good experiences with gassers. There is a definite learning curve.

    I must say that my DLE-55 was a good motor though and in retrospect I probably screwed up selling it.

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