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JR Loyalty Trade In Program for DSM2/DSMX Radios to new DMSS Systems

Discussion in 'JR Americas' started by MattyMatt, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. MattyMatt

    MattyMatt 70cc twin V2

    New JR Loyalty Trade In Program just started with JR Americas.

    This is a great way to get into a new JR XG series system including the 28X. The new DMSS based systems are 100% JR, unlike the previous shared technology with the previous DSM2/DSMX systems.

    The program information is here: http://www.jramericas.com/www.jramericas.com/tradeup/

    It does vary depending on what transmitter you are trading in and what you want. The credits top out at $450.
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  2. 2walla

    2walla 50cc

    Nice that they are trying to do something. But its too hard to write off all of my non compatible receivers. The module version of the 11 channel would work if you could buy a dxmx module from someone reputable... I dont have a warm fuzzy using an orange module from hobbyking on. 10k plane... Dx18 here i come..
  3. Hmmmm....they don't have the 10x listed for trade in.

    Yeah, I'd hate to write off all my receivers and have to buy all new ones, I'd need a bank loan if I did.
  4. jamesrxx951

    jamesrxx951 100cc

    They are trading in 2.4 systems only. Not older 72 and past units. I had no problems selling off my old DSM2 and DMSX recievers. The power safe recievers go like hotcakes.
  5. 2walla

    2walla 50cc

    I wonder how amiable the split truly was? I would think jr would have made all of their transmitters module based and paid spektrum their due for a couple of years so guys could transition... I bet horizon cut them off at the knees.

  6. Yeah I guess it would depend on their way thinking....my 10x is 2.4 with the module in there.

    I doubt I'd trade it in anyways....I like the touch screen too much.
  7. iahawkflyer

    iahawkflyer 50cc

    Doesn't Spectrum still make a module that will fit in the new 11X.
  8. MattyMatt

    MattyMatt 70cc twin V2

    The issue is that DMSS is much faster and many features aren't possible with DSMX. DMSS is also a global solution unlike the DSM2/DSMX based systems.

    Now, the programming is the same anywhere in the world on all systems, unlike DSM2/DSMX based JR systems. Horizon set the programming for the North America market. It wasn't possible for JR to update systems for transmitters sold in North America on DSM2/DSMX.

    The updates that are being rolled out have added features to the radios. XBus on all XG series, more telemetry programming for sensors, and the latest is programming to support the Axis 3 Axis gyro.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2014
  9. MattyMatt

    MattyMatt 70cc twin V2

    Yes, but as understand it is DSM2 only.

  10. MattyMatt

    MattyMatt 70cc twin V2

    10x... Those are really old. Late 1990's? Lol.

    2.4 based systems only.

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