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How much expo for maiden flight

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by rate1, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. rate1

    rate1 30cc

    So I got this EF 91" that has been taking me way too long to put together. Equiped it with the best items I could find, taking my time to build it as close as perfect as I could. It did end up being a lot more expensive than planed which I don't really mind as long as it full fill my expectations. Oh, by the way it is my first gasser and and I have only flown .60 nitro to this day with pretty much no 3D experience. I can see myself using this plane in an Imac style of flying. Needless to say there is a pucker factor for the soon coming maiden.
    Ofcourse I will trippel check everything making sure it is airworthy before first flight. I will use recommended low rate surface deflections from the manual.
    However, when it comes to amount of expo it is different from brand of radio. Myself has a Futaba TX. Any advice how to measure the amount of expo, or is it just a "that looks about right" kind of thing? The surfaces on this plane, Extra 300, are huge.
    The fear is to get a wild pig difficult to control, or a lame hog hard to fly in the direction called for. This plane is to me insanely big and expensive and that alone is going to be nerv wreaking for me taking up a large scale for the first time. I need to find a way to assure a radio set-up that makes the plane dosile and controllable. Much like a sportsman plane, not 3D nor trainer. Please give me some advice how to, or any other maiden advice for that matter.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2015
  2. My advice, find a really good pilot you trust. Someone that has experience flying that type/size of plane. Have them maiden it for you. Let them trim it out and check the CG. Once they have it dialed in, give it a shot with them standing at your shoulder. Several times I've taken up a new plane, got nervous, then handed it off to my mentor to land.
  3. jamesrxx951

    jamesrxx951 100cc

    Make sure you have several different rates programmed. Set low rates pretty low like 13 degrees elevator and aileron. Should be pretty gentle till you get used to it. EF may also have recommended low rates also. If they do set it up that way.
  4. BalsaDust

    BalsaDust Moderator

    Yup what he said. Lower deflection in my opinion is gonna be better than expo. Prolly can start in the 30-35% though on your expo and work from there. Bigger planes are actually easier to fly. Probro buddy let me fly his 55cc extra extra profile. Control surfaces are freaking huge on it and I was thinking I would be all over he place with it. That thing was easier to fly than anything I have and just as docile as could be. Don't get me wrong though shove the sticks in the corners and it became wild and crazy.
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  5. rate1

    rate1 30cc

    Thanks guys,
    Yes I'll use the mfg low rate. Ok about 30-35% expo. As stated, I'm looking to get this plane into IMAC style of flying. But I like the though of to having several rates pre programed. I guess I could have one IMAC rate and one 3D rate, or at least that is what the rate might end up being after maiden completed.
    Some guys claimes that the resolution on good servos nowadays are so good that often you could have your plane set-up with both style of flying without too big of drawback. At least for e rookie like me.
    I use the Hitec servos. Rudder has HS-7980TH, control surfaces HS-8355TH, throttle HS-7955TG, all on 7,2 volt.

  6. Dan767

    Dan767 70cc twin V2

    Keep in mind that Futaba is negative numbers when it comes to Expo.
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  7. Baddley

    Baddley New to GSN!


    My first gasser was a extra 300 with 7954's all around. I have a Futaba radio and I have a triple rate switch one is my high rates with 30% expo and my throws are maxed out for 3D. The low rate is has 50% expo and i only use it for takeoffs and landings sometimes. That is the only rates or mix i have in my radio besides knife edge, the simple is better concept idea for me :)

  8. Xpress

    Xpress GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    The Hitec 7xxx series servos have a resolution of 2048, the 8xxx have 4096- these numbers don't mean anything if your system operates on a regular 1024 resolution as you won't see anything but 1024 steps in the stick movement. For IMAC, if you're using long 3D arms, you may not be satisfactory with the resolution of the servos on low rates, but it will work.

    As far as exponential rates go, I'd keep your airplane on low rates and run around 30% expo, 50% on high rates, then adjust to your liking from there.
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  9. rate1

    rate1 30cc

    The servo arms I got installed are 1,75" long. Using the Futaba 12FG I belive capable of 2048 resolution. But as said, i don't do 3D. I wish I could but I don't. I would love to be able to hover around with the smoke on but I can't see that happening in the near future. I will just fly it safe.
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  10. You will get used to it faster than you ever thought you would :) Once you get the gas bug, you may be selling your nitro gear :)
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