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HobbyKing Sbach 342 Gas 30cc 1860mm ARF

Discussion in 'Giant Scale News' started by GSNadmin, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member

    From HobbyKing:

    This stunning looking Sbach 342 is a pure, mean, 3D machine! The superb Ultra-light construction, which features a sheeted spine fuselage for strength, keeps the flying weight minimal, couple this with a 30cc gas engine or electric equivalent motor and you have unlimited vertical performance!

    The wings are a two piece design for easy transport, the tail feathers are a full aerofoil design, the rudder is pull/pull system and all control surface hardware are high-quality ball linked control rods. The pre-applied quality covering film is glossy and of a very high standard, the dramatic colour scheme is ideal for orientation and looks superb in the classic SBach scheme.

    Designed for aerobatics and sports flying this SBach will deliver precise manoeuvrability and will handle all the rigours of 3D flying.


    Wingspan: 1860mm (73″)
    Length: 1596mm (62″)
    Wing Area: 65.4dm2
    Flying Weight: 4400~5000g (11lbs)


    • Your Own 6 Channel TX/RX
    • 6 x MG High Torque Digital Std size Servo
    • 30~35cc Gas Engine or electric motor equivalent
    • UBEC/Regulator
    • RX Battery or flight battery
    • Adhesives and build knowledge

    583000007-0 – $325.36
    Visit HobbyKing.com
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  2. Alpha20

    Alpha20 50cc

    Good tip. Have a homeless OS FS 200 that could do the trick in this one. Never had an SBach before so I think I`ll give it a try:)

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