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HobbyKing Piaget EPP build log


70cc twin V2
I am assuming that the hardware stays in place and you a just loosing the prop? I had this issue with another set up and it was caused by a loose O ring. What i did was go to the auto parts store and find a O ring that was thicker and just a hair smaller diameter. It was a pain to put it on but the prop did not come off again. I believe what happens is the thrust from the prop is strong enough to stretch the O ring causing it to come off when it is spun up.
hope this helps, let me know if it is something different coming off.
I assume you are installing the prop like so:


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Yes that is the problem I was having. I got some different o rings. As you said a little thicker. I also put two on, it is staying on just fine now. Thank you.

So I am thinking the battery on the side is not a great thing. The plane definitely will drop the wing to that side and it does. Is there any real downside to cutting a slot to in the vertical fuse to place the battery evenly in the middle?


70cc twin V2
No I have seen it done before. On this plane I would be cautious though just because of how thin the foam is.


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Need some help. I followed this thread and completed the build. I am having a problem. The prop will not stay on. I am using the motor that came with it and got a 8040 prop for it. I used the proper insert that comes with the prop and fit the metal piece into that, place it on the motor and used the o-ring to retain it. Twice it came off with little throttle. Are you supposed to use both of the O-rings or am I just doing something terribly dumb?

FYI this is my first plane that does not have a shaft for the prop. I assumed it wouldn't be too hard.

A couple zip ties does the trick.:way_to_go: