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Hitec servo question

Discussion in 'RC Radio Systems' started by desertrider, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. With my servo programmer I set the endpoints on two servos that I am using on ailerons. I didn't get them equal. If I reset them will they go back to a factory setting ? or will they reset to no movement at all ?

  2. Since there was no reply, this morning I took out the Hitec's and put in some old 8411's. Sure enough, all better, and more importantly, centering is alot better. You would think by now Hitec could make servos that center.... :very_angry:
  3. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member

    To begin matching the servos it is suggested that a jig be used. A jig will help simplify the setup process. The simple jig to the right can be made quickly using common materials. The following instructions will assume a jig is being used.

    Place the servo in the jig slot and plug it into the programmer. Turn the programmer on and after it initializes scroll through the menus until the "Reset" menu is found. Press the INPUT button to enter the reset menu. When the programmer is ready, press both the UP/L and the DN/R buttons simultaneously. The programmer will then reset the servo to factory defaults.

    After the servo has been reset, go to the "Manual" test menu. Press the INPUT button to enter the menu. Once in the menu, press the M button. This will send the servo a 1500ms pulse, which is neutral. Place the horn on the servo so the point is as close to zero as possible. Press the INPUT button twice to exit this menu.

    By pressing the DN/R button 4 times, you will arrive at the "EPAneuFS" menu. Press the INPUT button to enter the menu. If you see a single arrow on the screen, turn the knob in the direction it indicates until another arrow appears. This is the programmers' way of telling you that you are now close to center.

    Adjust the knob until the point on the horn is at 0 degrees on the jig. Once it is in this position, press the M button to set the new neutral position. Now turn the knob to the left until you reach your desired throw. This is usually between 45 and 60 degrees from center. Once the horn point is at the correct position, press the UP/L button. This will set the left throw. Turn the knob to the right until the desired throw is reached and press the DN/R button. Now the right throw is set also. Press the INPUT button to get out of the menu.

    To match other servos to the first one, follow the same procedure for each one making sure that all the center and end points are set to the same positions.

    The programmer is set up with 1500us as neutral, 900us as left extreme and 2100us as the right extreme end. When you reset the servo or program the center and end points, these values will always be center and extreme ends. In other words, if you were to go to the "Manual" menu in the programmer and press the M button, the servo will go to the position you programmed for neutral. This is because by pressing the M button the programmer sends a 1500us pulse to the servo. If you were to then install the servo in a receiver and the transmitter being used has a neutral pulse of 1520ms, your servo will be approximately two degrees off the programmed center. The only way to then return to the programmed center is to use either sub-trims or the standard trim of the transmitter.
  4. dhal22

    dhal22 GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Thanks, I've got some Hitecs to program.
  5. Hi Randy! Hitec makes a lot of servos. Many are budget minded servos and might not center as well as you'd like. But, next time you're getting servos for a bigger good plane (I know you have a few)... try out the 93xx series. They are amazing at everything, including centering. :fist_pump:
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  6. Me know nothing about Hitec programming. Give me drop and play.
  7. No need, no need. :) Hitec servos work just like any other servo. However, let's say you're setting up your aileron servos. Let's say you have a plane with one, two, or three servos per aileron. Let's say you setup the first five where you want them; all with equal travel. Then let's say the last servo doesn't go as far as the other five. That has happened to me many times with all servo brands. Now, with other brands you just start all over and lessen the travel on the first five servos to match the last servo. But, with Hitec you just program that last servo to move a little further and you're done. :) Also great if you want to use less channels. Also great because you can't lose or mess up the settings in the radio once the servo is programmed. But, you don't have to program Hitec servos. They work like any other brand if you don't program them.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2016
  8. Xpress

    Xpress GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Which servo? We have nearly 100 servos in our product lineup, some of which are aimed at budget minded setups and won't have as precise centering as higher end servos.

    Resetting a servo through the programmer will set the servo back to factory defaults on everything.
  9. i played around with a hitec servo programmer a while back. i'm pretty sure resetting will get you back to factory defaults for everything. i did always make sure i unhooked servos from my linkages when playing with the programmer in case something weird happened. i know programming can allow you to do some really neat things but it was a little complex and not very intuitive for me so i just ended up using them as normal servos and stopped fooling with trying to program them. i've found that i can do all my servo matching mechanically and fine tune it with my radio as a lot of the transmitters these days allow servo matching.
  10. dhal22

    dhal22 GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    I bought 8 or 10 MKS 777 servos and the aileron servos don't match up very well at center. A lot of effort was spent fine tuning them. I bought Hitec 9380's and a programmer based upon Joe's recommendation as I am eager to try starting from perfectly centered. I will get to them someday.
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