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New Product Hitec Announcesthe X2 AC Plus - AC/DC Multi Charger with WIFI Option!!!


640cc Uber Pimp
Hey guys take a look at what i just got in my inbox!!! Pretty dang cool. I wonder if it will alert you on your phone when it's charged? Of course I would only do this at the field and not at home unless it was in cinder blocks outside! :) Dang I love technology!

unnamed (1).jpg


X2 AC Plus - AC/DC Multi Charger

The new X2 AC Plus charger offers expanded capacity and compatibility in a portable and compact package. Dual inputs afford flexible battery charging at home and in the field. And our innovative power distribution mode lets you efficiently assign output power based on individual battery requirements. Capable of charging all battery chemistries, the X2 AC Plus has a built-in 10-amp power supply, internal balancing circuits and 10 different charge/discharge profiles, making it an essential tool for all hobbyists. You can even utilize your smartphone for remote control via an optional WiFi module. Hitec brings the future of charging to your fingertips!

X2 AC Plus Charger | Estimated Street Price - $99.99 | Stock# 44232

Twin Channel Charger with Two Independent Circuits
DC Mode Maximum Output 100W Per Port, Total 200W Power
Power Distribution Circuit for Ultimate Flexibility in AC Mode Only
Example 1:
Channel A – 20W, then Channel B – 80W for a Total 100W Power
Example 2:
Channel A – 70W, then Channel B – 30W for a Total 100W Power
Charges NiMH, NiCd, LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, Li-Ion, and Lead Acid Batteries
Built-in 10-Amp Power Supply
Uses Either 11-18V DC or 100-240V AC Power Sources
Adjustable Charge Current Rate of 0.1 – 10.0 Amps Each Port
Internal Balancing Circuits
10 Programmable Profile Settings

Charging Specifications:
NiCd/NiMH Cell Count: 1-15 cells
LiPo/LiHV/Li-Ion/LiFe Cell Count: 1-6 cells
Pb voltage: 2-20 volts
Charge Current Range: 0.1-10.0 amps
Maximum Charge Output: AC 100W / DC 200W (100W per port)


unnamed (3).jpg
Optional WiFi Module | Estimated Street Price - $22.99 | Stock# 44228

Compatible with the X2 AC Plus Charger
View, Change & Customize your X2 AC Plus Options via Smartphone
Supports Both iOS and Android Devices


That would be great charging batteries for the Multiplex Rockstar I wish I had right now *sigh* Oh HiTec how you tease us =) The phone wifi would be handy though -- we have a battery shed but it is just far enough back from the stalls that I cannot hear the beepers ... and at home I charge in a cinderblock fort in the garage and can't hear them go off there either.


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Just to clarify:

The charger has a built in 10 amp AC power supply that can supply UP to 100 watts of charging power for BOTH channels. With the sharing function, this means you can have 70 watts on one channel and 30 on the other, or 50 watts on both, or 80 on one and 20 on the other, or all 100 watts on one channel and no power to the other- whichever combination you want, it's user settable. In DC mode, you have 100 watts available on EACH channel, for a total of 200 watts of output.

I haven't had the opportunity to actually test one out myself but the verdict is it's well liked.

Regarding the Rockstar:

We have an ETA sometime in the beginning of July which means by mid July it will be available through everywhere that can sell Hitec RCD / Multiplex USA products. We ourselves are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our test model, shouldn't be long.


Thanks [MENTION=3822]Xpress[/MENTION]... They available anywhere... I haven't found one in my browsing.

And in the Rockstar.... Sigh... Flying season is a wasting!


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They are not available yet. Very soon.

And in the Rockstar.... Sigh... Flying season is a wasting!

You live in Arizona, you have 2 whole seasons there: Hot and Not hot :banana:

It will be here in due time, I promise!
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640cc Uber Pimp
Thanks xpress! It sure is great to have you on the boards since you're on the inside at Hitec!


Tower has the charger (not the wifi) for preorder with a late June arrival ... along with the Rockstar .... so yay click click buy.