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Help! Help Goldwing Sbach 70e

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by imblaze89, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. imblaze89

    imblaze89 New to GSN!

    Hi I bought this Sbach a couple months ago and I'm having problems getting it together.
    First I put the recommended glow, with 2 standard servos in the tail and it took over 2 lbs in the nose to balance.

    I then put a 15cc gasser that is wayy heavy for its size and got it to balance by putting 3 batteries and everything else in the nose, I then flew it, but it was so heavy it just falls like a rock when you let of the gas, it flew but not well. I weighed it and it was nearly twice the recommended range.

    I've now went back and put the recommended electric setup, micro servos in the tail, and a 3000mah battery as far forward as possible, and still takes 2lbs in the nose. So I take the tail servos out, surprisingly it still takes 2lbs in the nose to balance. I then take battery, esc,rx, motor, and tail servos out and weigh it. So now I have the arf plus a rudder servo and 2 aileron servos that's weighs almost 6lbs, still over the 5-5.5 recommended flying weight.

    I'm really thinking I got a defect, or something is seriously gone wrong. I love the plane, and would love to get it going but there is nothing else I can do for it at this point.

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