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Hello and Byron Ducted fans

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Sleeper, Sep 24, 2019.

  1. Sleeper

    Sleeper New to GSN!

    Hi all

    I’m Mike and live largely in the UK! Largely as these days I do a lot of overlanding as Crew around the world. I do however try to make it back to England for our ever impressive summers!
    Anyways don’t want to bore you with what keeps me entertained these days; I’ve been out of serious flying (planes; helicopters etc) for around 20 years; still have some outdated but interesting toys..... However I’ve ALWAYS wanted to get myself a Byron Ducted Fan model; which of course with the advent of real jets have disappeared..... I’m not so keen on all the “easy tech” and still enjoy old school with its associated challenges! I’ve tried all the usual places to try to find that finished but unflown model or that kit still in a box but nothing ever appears..... Does anyone have any advice on how I may scoop one of these models complete with engine fan etc.... I don’t mind what country; I’m happy to pay shipping!
    Anyways; I will return to the hobby over time but not with the very latest fly itself kit; bit more old school; messy fuel, screaming motors (well maybe not quite as noisey) and challenges!!!
    So advice where to purchase an old school Byron Originals ducted fab model please!!!!
  2. My friend i hear you put a want ad on GiantScaleNews and by the way the new turbine are amazing and make such a realistic sound you may also want to call bob vilot jets he used to make the old style jets he may have one rtf for the right price good luck and get back flying things in the hobby are better than ever
  4. There is a guy on GiantScaleNews that just posted a new in box byron f16 my email is michaelgrossman666@yahoo.com email me i will send his info

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