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FrSky AT-V1 Telemetry Install

Discussion in 'Telemetry, Sensors, Data Logging, Etc.' started by TonyHallo, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. I found this telemetry board at Aloft Hobbies for $34.50 which included two temperature sensors. It is plug and play with the FrSky smartport. The kit includes lugs for mounting the temperature sensors on CM-6 plugs, however I am installing this on a Valley View 40 twin with 1/4-32 plugs. A 1/4" non insulated lug was modified to accept the sensor. Once crimped a heat shrink covering was applied. These were installed under the spark plug.
    The rpm is sensed via the RcExcel tach output wire. Only change required was to change the plug end from male to female. This is plugged onto the non powered port on the AT-V1.
    The AT-V1 has three 0-5 volt inputs available. I'm using two 2200 ma Lipo's in parallel so I'm only measuring the combined voltage. I used a FrSky FBVS01 voltage divider set to 13.4 volts for this application.
    The board is mounted to the back side of the firewall with Velcro. A female to female extension is required to connect the AT-V1 to the smartport. All that's left is build a telemetry page the display T1, T2, RPM and Voltage. I was quite pleased with the result.

    IMG_2523.JPG IMG_2524.JPG IMG_2526.JPG
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  2. Just got back from the flying field, used a custom function to read both T1 and T2 temperatures every 30 seconds, this was setup with an "and" function on switch SH so that it could be turned off while starting. Maximum temperture reached was 290f on the right side while temperatures were 230 to 240 most of the time. Ambient temperature was 90f, I am pleased with the performance of the cooling ducts installed. I will install this on other planes as well.
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