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For Sale Extreme Flight 88" Edge 540


Hey fellas, I am selling my EF edge 540 blue/yellow scheme. Airframe is in excellent condition. Comes with DLE-55RA, Xoar 22x10 prop, true turn spinner, Hitec 7954 with SWB servo arms on every serface, SFG's, wing and stab bags, fuselage sun-guard, and Aurora RC Andromeda light kit. Been having some difficulty uploading pictures so if interested you can text me @ 3526652706 and I will text you pics of the plane. I am located in Keystone Heights Fl which is about 30 miles SW of Jacksonville. If the distance is reasonable I will drive to meet at a half way point. Will not ship! I am asking $1200.00 with the light kit or $1100.00 without light kit. Asking prices are firm!