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Durafly EFXtra Racer 975mm (PnF) [VIDEO]

Discussion in 'Giant Scale News' started by GSNadmin, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    From HobbyKing:
    If you’re craving speed, the EFXtra is where it’s at, with out of the box performance in excess of 100mph+. Durafly retained spirit of the EFX Racer and focused on adding extra performance, like the incredible roll and climb rates.

    There are plenty of high-performance features and new additions over the EFX Racer. The Durafly EFXtra boasts a new clipped wing (975mm) to give extreme roll rates. An upgraded 3536-1780kv brushless motor (using ultra-high-speed Japanese bearings) with a 60A Aerostar ESC has been added, and optimized, for up to 4S performance. Higher speed, higher torque digital 9g servo’s (metal geared on the ailerons) together with ball link connectors provide true precision control of all surfaces no matter what speed you are traveling. We’ve even included FPV mount in the box for the Adeline junkies that love to live life on the edge.

    Durafly heard your calls and redesigned the airframe to fit larger capacity Lipo battery packs resulting in longer flight times. The aircraft is stronger than ever with both glass and carbon fiber reinforcements throughout whilst keeping the airframe as light as possible. Super Compressed EPO foam and polished finish to deliver the ultimate in performance with the sleekest of looks. How fast you go depends on the propeller and battery size. The plane comes with two propellers, for the standard setup of 3S an 8×6 prop or for performance setup of a 4S a 7×6.5 prop. For the insane among us, a 6S can be used with a 5×5 prop and upgrade to at least an 80A ESC. The sky’s the limit.

    Complimenting the amazing speeds of the EFXtra is its stability at low speed making hand launching and landing a dream. The FXtra is also an agile slope soarer, just remove the propeller and spinner and add, the provided, slope soaring nose cone. Once again, the airframe provides excellent stability at all speeds to make it a breeze to fly in all conditions. Imagine slope soaring with FPV.

    The EFXtra clips and screws together in minutes allowing you to get in the air as soon as possible. Just install your receiver and battery and you’re in the air.


    • 100mph+ performance right out of the box (on 4S set-up).
    • Specially designed 3536-1780kv brushless motor with high-speed Japanese bearings.
    • Powerful and fast 9g digital servos.
    • 3S or 4S standard but will run 6S with modifications.
    • Supplied with 8×6 propeller for 3S and 7×6.5 propeller for 4S set-ups.
    • Super Compressed EPO foam construction.
    • Larger internal capacity
    • Glass and carbon fiber reinforcement throughout the airframe.
    • Full wing length spar
    • No glue assembly. Just clicks and screws together in minutes.
    • Ball link control system.
    • FPV Mount
    • Slope soaring nose cone
    • Full complement of spare parts available.


    Wingspan: 975mm (38.4”)
    Length: 760mm (29.9”)
    Flying Weight: ~ 920g (32.45oz)
    Wing Loading: 61g/dm.dm
    ESC: 60A Aerostar
    Motor: 3536-1780kv Brushless
    Battery: 1800~2400mAh 4S 65C or 2200~2600mAh 3S 65C (not supplied)
    Prop: 7×6.5 for 4S or 8×6 for 3S (supplied), for 6S 5×5 (not supplied)
    Controls: 4 Channel (Throttle, Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder)
    Spinner: Custom made aluminum
    FPV Racing Canopy: Included
    Slope nose cone: Included


    • 1 x 1800~2400mAh 4S 65C or 2200~2600mAh 3S 65C LiPo Battery
    • 1 X 4 Channel Radio TX/RX
    • 1 x FPV Setup (optional)

    #9499000142-0 – Durafly® ™ EFXtra Racer High Performance Sports Model 975mm (Green) (PnF) – $136.30
    #9499000143-0 – Durafly® ™ EFXtra Racer High Performance Sports Model 975mm (Red) (PnF) – $162.85
    #9499000164-0 – Durafly® ™ EFXtra Racer High Performance Sports Model 975mm (Blue) (PnF) – $162.85
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