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Cylinder head Temp

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by Smitty, May 15, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, checked my cylinder head temp yesterday and it read 200F, is that way out of line with what it should be. The DLE-61 runs great and never had a problem cranking or while in flight. Thought I had baffled the front and opened all the exit hole in the same way that Tom and Terry had done. This is on my Sukhoi-26M.---Smitty
  2. Using an IR gun or other type of measuring device?
  3. Yeah a fellow flyer has a IR gun.--Smitty
  4. IR isnt the best way, but lets you know if you are close.

    My question is, how does it run at full power, and how does it idle and transition?
  5. The engine runs great at wide open, idles real good and transition is fine.

  6. You are gonna be just fine. If air is being directed over the fins, dont worry about it.
  7. I am thinking of adding those open alum. louvers to the cowl to help air get out.--Smitty
  8. Any extra air you can remove, it will help! :)
  9. Artp47

    Artp47 30cc

    Telemetry on my GP 61 engine temp average for flight 197
    After a 30s hover 265
    On a long down line. 140

    Hope this helps

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