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Discussion Connectors; ESC to Battery. What Are You Using And Why?

Discussion in 'Batteries / Chargers / Power Supplies' started by Murocflyer, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Murocflyer

    Murocflyer 70cc twin V2


    Can we discuss the different types of ESC to battery connectors and why you decided to go with those?

    I'll start. I started out in this hobby using Anderson Powerpoles. They are great connectors and I always made a good crimp so I never had to worry about losing power.

    After a while I got tired of the large size and moved onto Deans. Then I found out there are three, maybe four "Deans type" connectors out there and I am never sure what I am going to get when I get a battery. The Deans tend to be kinda hard to separate, but I like the solid "lock" between them. They are a pain to solder and it takes some time to get that skill down. I am still not sure where I get a good solder joint and if you keep the soldering gun tip on them too long it melts the plastic.

    What connector are you using and why? Right now I am researching my next choice for connectors I am prepared to swap out all my stuff for something "better" whatever that may be. I wish there were smaller power poles out there. I'd like to do something like that. I wonder if there are some connectors like that which may be non-RC related?

  2. Murocflyer

    Murocflyer 70cc twin V2

    PS I forgot to add that I am thinking about the EC2, EC3, and EC5 as a connector of choice. Although I am looking for an outside of the box solution still.

  3. hone

    hone 150cc

    I've been using EC3 and EC5 connectors since i started flying. I mainly used these since i started with BNF planes and those were the main connectors used. I got used to them and like the way they're soldered so i stuck with them. They have a good connection that won't come apart in flight.

    Lately i've been using Deans because they come on Glacier lipos and are on Airboss ESCs so i haven't had to solder those up just PNP. They have been a nice connector as well but i prefer EC3/EC5 because you solder the bullet outside of the housing so it doesn't have a chance of melting/warping from heat.

    I'm not sure what the amp ratings on each of the connectors is.
  4. 5.5mm Castle Creations bullets are my choice for 4s+ I can use the same packs for multiple vehicles and can connect them in series with a neater wiring harness.
    They also have massive amp rating and hold tight under huge G's and vibration.

    The only downfall is you have to be real carefull that the leads don't touch
  5. Murocflyer

    Murocflyer 70cc twin V2

    Is our RC hobby the only one that uses decent plug in style connectors? Surely there must be someone else out there with a need for lower amp draw connectors.


  6. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    I also use the EC5 connectors. While I used to use XT-60, I recently switched over to EC5 for their higher current rating. EC3/EC5 are the easiest connectors I've found to work with, no need to solder onto a tiny piece of metal and risk melting the plastic...

    While some of my gassers have deans on the rx packs (because they came that way), my e-powered planes all have EC5 on them. The easy to attach/seperate, the have high current limits, they super easy to install, and.... not super expensive.

    Check them out here (currently out of stock): http://www.buddyrc.com/accessory/connectors.html?p=2

  7. I always contact Buddyrc when I place an order for lipos. they will put what ever connector you want on the lipos before they ship.
  8. Murocflyer

    Murocflyer 70cc twin V2

  9. Another preference for the EC connectors.

    I've tried the XT60 and Deans connectors, they are fine but require a little more caution when soldering the battery/ESC leads due to the risk of melting the plastic housing.

    The EC2, EC3 and EC5 connectors are extremely easy to work with since you can make your solder connections before pushing the bullets into the connector housing. In addition to the current carrying capacity, they seem to be very durable. I've had EC5 connectors on the packs for my 71" Slick in service over two years; they are just now starting to show some signs of wear so I'm planning to install some new connectors soon.
  10. Murocflyer

    Murocflyer 70cc twin V2

    I went ahead and ordered a bunch of EC connectors. Gonna start swapping over as soon as they come in. :)

    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 4, 2013

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