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Bull Engines BE 124 Twin Review and Testing

Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by stangflyer, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    I know many of you have been interested in getting more information about the Bull Engine BE 124 twin, as there hasn't been much on the motor as of yet. So, I figured...why not pull the trigger on something new? I have always been up for a challenge and though there are times those challenges have not proved to be too fruitful, sometimes...just sometimes you run across something that is worth mentioning.

    I spoke with Frank from BE Engines a couple of weeks ago. After some lengthy discussions I was set on giving this motor a shot. To be absolutely honest, I had my reservations and stated so in another thread. But after talking with Frank...{awesome guy by the way} those reservations soon turned into curiosity. Now I am liking doing different things, but my 107" Pilot Edge is asking me...."When are ya just going to leave a motor on me so I can get used to it?" LOL. After all, it started out with a DLA 128 four cylinder, went to the DLE 111 with Bowman rings, then to the RCGF 120 twin.

    I received the BE 124 on Friday afternoon and by bedtime Friday evening, it was mounted and ready for a trial run. I have to admit, when I opened the box, {which was in absolutely pristine condition considering it made the trip from China to my door step in a day and a half} I was very pleased to see what was inside. As with most any other motor, you get the documentation up front. The packaging is nice and everything is well protected. I just had to lay my hands on that 124cc twin. Everything else pushed off to the side...{literally} I picked up the motor and was immediately amazed of the tooling and workmanship of this motor. In my opinion, something you would see with a motor not of this caliber. The billet CNC machined case is very nicely done. I couldn't really find anything wrong with it. The cylinders almost reminded me of my 3w 170 cylinders. They have these massive transfer port bumps on 3 sides of each cylinder. Oh heck, I was just aching to see how this thing was going to run. The cylinders themselves have very beafy cooling fins. But the motor itself does not reflect the robustness of this motor. It actually weighs less than the RCGF 120. And I soon found out just how much lighter. First test flight, my elevators on that Edge were so much more responsive than I ever remembered them being. But we'll get to that.

    Lets take a little tour of the BE 124 shall we? I might add, I am open to discussion and will answer anyone's questions regarding this motor. I am going to post this thread on another site and I do not wish to re-hash any drama. I wish only to reach out to EVERYONE in a fair manner. So please, lets keep the discussion about the motor ok? Thanks...

    Not sure about the rumor mill, but some or maybe most of what has been discussed is here for you to see with your own eyes. The reeds are in fact not metal. They have been upgraded to fiberglass. Frank reminds me of Tony Tan of Pilot RC. People didn't like the metal reeds, so Frank listened and changed them. At first I didn't think I would like the metal heli-coils in the cylinder heads. But if you think about it, less chance to strip out an aluminum thread. Also, spark plugs will not seize in the cylinders. I see no reason the heli-coils will not do their job quite sufficiently. I feel Frank "really" payed attention to detail on this motor. Not unlike the BE 62 single. Heck, he has insured that it sports a genuine WJ 71 Walbro carb and...get this.... genuine NGK CM6 spark plugs. He warranties the motor for 3 years with the first 30 days as "No questions asked" full purchase price refund if not satisfied. He also warranties the stock mufflers. And they are pretty decent if you ask me. Now who else does this? All this is certainly something to consider when pondering what quality Frank intended for his motor line. Round exhaust ports so any DA 60 muffler or header will fit the motor. Genuine Rcexl ignition, quality Japanese bearings, and a very beafy rear mounting plate. Nearly twice the thickness of the RCGF and DLE motors. Oh and almost forgot. Frank includes a real nice custom throttle arm for the Walbro. Standoffs were not included, but Frank assures me that he will address this as time goes on. It didn't hinder my install one bit. In fact, it turned out I didn't even need them. Just a couple of chromed steel washers under the back plate and she was on.

    Installing it on the Edge was pretty straight forward with very little modifications. Same foot print as all your 100/120 cc size motors. Same prop bolt pattern. Heck, the only thing I had to do to retrofit was to turn the fuel inlet nipple around to make it easier for fuel line installation. I really hate cutting on cowls, but since I had already cut the cowl on the Edge to allow for the RCGF, I was not too dismayed by this task. But oh hey, I discovered that the cylinders are reverse of the RCGF. Same arrangement as the DLE 111. So, the BE 124 nestled quite nicely down in the cowl. The only revision to that was the small opening I made to allow for the left side spark plug. I had cut this open for the RCGF. I only need to extend it about 1/4". It actually lined up perfectly.

    Take a look at the photos. This motor is no slouch by any stretch of the imagination. So, what about running and testing? Well, first start up was very easy. Dry out of the box, choke on...5 flips of the Falcon CF 28x10 prop and the girl barked. 7 without and she was running. Pretty throaty sound from those stock mufflers. I do have a short video of the first start up. I will need to get it posted for you all. First rpm readings were just over 6400 static. Second run she was up to 6500 almost 6600. Last and final run before putting the cowl on? DAYMN......6770. Hey, that is not bad at all.

    Now as for flight video? Not yet. Only got one flight on it last night. It was superb. I have a 3w 157cs on my 40% 260. When I put that girl into a 1" off the deck hover and mash the gas, she launches straight up and it aint slow believe me. Well, yes...I did put the BE 124 twin powered Edge into a similar hover after about 6 minutes into the flight. Nothing stressing.... just a real quick test. Ummm....yup, 3w pull out on that Edge.

    I will be posting more information and videos to this thread as time goes on. But I can truthfully say, this motor has impressed the crap out of me.

    Think about it.... a 120cc sized twin that looks pretty, has 3w power and is economically priced.... who wouldn't want one? Now some of you are wondering about durability and longevity? This I can not answer as I am sure no one can yet. But, if the motor lasts and performs as well as its first impressions lay to, I would say it's possible that we have a new winner on the block to compete with DLE or any other motor for that fact.

    Mind you all, these are my first impressions and experiences with this motor. My hope is that it will in fact go the distance and serve me {us} well for many years to come. View attachment 83775 20160624_175731.jpg 20160624_175838.jpg 20160624_175916.jpg 20160624_175930.jpg 20160624_175937.jpg 20160624_180011.jpg 20160624_180016.jpg 20160624_180030.jpg 20160624_180036.jpg 20160624_180059.jpg 20160624_180120.jpg 20160624_180213.jpg 20160624_180221.jpg 20160624_180226.jpg 20160624_180236.jpg 20160624_180245.jpg 20160624_180257.jpg 20160624_180314.jpg 20160624_180328.jpg 20160624_180344.jpg 20160624_180419.jpg 20160624_180458.jpg 20160624_180519.jpg 20160624_180535.jpg 20160624_180728.jpg 20160624_180753.jpg 20160624_180800.jpg 20160624_180808.jpg 20160624_180839.jpg 20160624_180859.jpg 20160624_180908.jpg 20160624_205651.jpg 20160624_205727.jpg 20160624_205741.jpg 20160624_205748.jpg 20160624_205831.jpg 20160624_230816.jpg 20160625_002329.jpg 20160625_005056.jpg 20160625_005108.jpg 20160625_005205.jpg 20160625_005226.jpg 20160625_005251.jpg 20160625_005918.jpg 20160625_105428.jpg
  2. Will be interesting to see if the temps are up with the dual rings :)
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  3. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    I really have not noticed much of a difference. Will check it and post results.
  4. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    Well, here we go. I got in four pretty good flights today on the BE 124. I actually came very close to be one airframe short this evening. I tossed everything I knew how to do at that Edge. It just kept right on chugging right along. The wind was blowing pretty good so I was getting three to four complete revolutions when coming upright from an inverted "Pop-Top". Got some really good looooong fast rollers going, some full power knife edge loops. So far the 124 is really holding it's own. As warm as it was out there, {99 degrees} that twin only ran just a tick over 180 degrees upon landing. It would be really nice to see what it actually is in the air. But after a one minute hover, going into a very long upline pull, then pulling into a full powered down wind leg.... upon landing the temps were 181.1 on the right rear cylinder and 183.3 on the left front cylinder. Odd, but hey...I will take it.
    temp two.jpg temp.jpg
    I will have more information shortly. Had some problems with the new version Rcexl high voltage ignition module. The 6.0 to 12.0 volt module really has some issues. I will explain in detail later. The long and short so far, the BE 124 motor seems to be holding up quite well.
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  5. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    Ok, so as promised earlier.... I encountered a failed ignition module a right after the motor arrived. I only got one flight on it and the new version high voltage Rcexl ignition module took a dump. Frank promptly sent a new replacement and it arrived from China just a mere day and a half later. I checked the spark upon installing it and it looked to be good to go. I had read earlier that there had been a failure with them when run at high voltage, so it was said that running a regulator solved the problem. With that being said, I installed a new regulator set at 6.3 volts and gave her a try. NOTHING. Not even a bump. "Are you "F'in" kidding me?" So off to trouble shooting. I pulled the ignition module from the RCGF 120 and installed it on the Edge. A couple of flips and she was up and running. Weird. I even changed out Hall sensors thinking there might be a problem. Once again, the BE 124 sparked to life and run great. I then removed the recent version Rcexl module {4.8-8.4} from the 3w 170. Once installed on the BE 124, a couple of flips of the prop and once again, the 124 was up and running. I figured, ok... lets go fly. And fly I did. So apparently the new version modules have some issues and I have suggest to Frank that he go back to the previous version ignition modules. As they seem to be doing just fine. No need for a 3s capable ignition module right?
    With all that said, the BE 124 is performing quite well and very..."VERY" dependably. It is very reliable and consistent thus far. Now granted, it only has a mere 1.5 to 2 gallons through it. I will be taking the Edge out again tomorrow. I plan to put another four or five flights on it. I really feel, this could be a motor to upset the apple cart with DLE and so many others.

    I am really anxious to see what the next few months unvail and how this motor holds up.
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  6. Great thread Stang. Thanks for keeping us up to date and well informed. :way_to_go:

    Most of all, thanks for being the guinea pig.:D
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  7. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    Sometimes being a guinea pig is not all that fun. LOL...
    I do have another update since you speak of that. I got in four more flights on the 124 yesterday. She seems to be holding together very well.

    Here is how it has progressed with the ignition issue. And actually, I may have to recant my earlier statement. I had felt the original module that came with the motor was dead out of the box. We have seen it before with lots of things. No worries. Frank immediately expedited a replacement module and it arrived in just a day or so. No cost to me. I attempted to use the replacement and it too was dead. [Or so I thought} After some trouble shooting, every module I put on the motor would fail to start it. So, I removed the 4.8-8.4 volt module from my 3w 170 that I bought from Milton last year for the Sukhoi. The 124 immediately sparked to life and ran great. Ok, so it is the modules right? Well that is what I was thinking. So Frank took it upon himself to "PAY" Milton for a replacement 4.8-8.4 volt module to replace the one taken from the Sukhoi. I took the Edge with the 124 out and flew yesterday. Got in four good flights, but just felt something just not quite right. After returning home, I did some trouble shooting with the modules again. I put all the modules on the Sukhoi. As I know for a fact this motor runs absolutely flawlessly. Each and "EVERY" module I put on that 170 started in one flip, {after the first initial startup of course} Start, shut down, start, shut down. Five modules that I had here. All five, one flip every single time. So this tells me the modules are more than likely not bad. More than likely the sensor has failed. So with that being said, upon the arrival of the new module from Milton, it of course will go on the 3w 170 Sukhoi. The sensor however will go on the 124. I will then re-test every module on the 124 to eliminate the possibility of any of them being bad.

    Bottom line is this. Each and every time I have discussed an issue with the motor, Frank has stepped up and proactively been involved in getting it straightened out. I am sure with every new introduction of a product, there is going to be something that causes a disgruntlement. But that is why we have people out there willing to do the testing and leg work to insure the product meets our demanding criteria.

    The 124 is in my opinion thus far, a real strong and very dependable motor. It is unfortunate that there has been an ignition issue with it, {not at all related to the performance of the motor} But as any of you that have been following this thread can quickly see, Frank is devote to making this motor top notch, no matter what it takes.

    I now have somewhere around 2.5 gallons through it and it seems to be running and hanging in there as well as "ANY" DLE or DA for that matter. Still, proof is in the pudding. Time will tell. Once I get another 2.5 to five to 10 gallons through it, we'll see how she's holding together. By the way, Who wants to take a peak at the spark plugs after 2.5 gallons?

    20160702_212827.jpg 20160702_212838.jpg 20160702_213123.jpg
  8. 49dimes

    49dimes Damn I'm hungry

    YES! @pawnshopmike did EXCELLENT hooking me up with the Avatar! :big-grin:. NO! It was not your DA 70 I was running! lol
    As a matter of fact it was not my DA 70 either..:laughing:.
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  9. The key word there was "motor" he was burning electrons :)
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  10. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    Ah nuts! I always seem to get that distinction between "motor" and "engine" confused. "Engine" burn gas=Good! "Motor" eat electrons=bad. :laughing:
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