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Align T-Rex 600E Pro DFC/KDE Direct Upgrades

Discussion in 'Everything Else (heli's/cars/boats/etc.)' started by Bushwacker, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Bushwacker

    Bushwacker 3DRCF Moderator

    Price. $500 Will split shipping with you.
    This little bad boy is running all KDE gear and rips way better than the stock version.
    The pictures tell the story better than me trying to list everything. Pics don't lie.
    Comes with one brick Thor 65C 3700mAh Battery. I did a short vid of the Heli running
    and in the air, that is it's last flight until sold. As you have noticed in other pics I
    have quite a few parts that will go with the deal plus a carry bag to keep it safe and
    makes it easy to transport. This is a solid Heli that will do anything you want it to
    and more. I did not come to this decision easily I will miss this one, but you are helping
    me realize my Giant Scale dream with one of my dream planes.
    Sorry about the quality of the video, my son shot it with a camera and
    I was very nervous because I was in the middle of the street in my community. My head was
    like on a swivel and I got a bit jumpy. You can see it on YouTube here https://youtu.be/xVqj5lk6wa4
    It's too large a file to upload through email guy's.

    Motor KDE Direct 600XF 530Kv 10 Pole
    ESC CC Phoenix Edge 80 HV
    RX by IKON w/satellites
    Servos Align DS610 & DS 650 Tail
    KDE Bearing Blocks
    KDE Main Rotor Holder Arms
    KDE Motor Mount
    KDE Tail Boom Support Mount
    Almost all hardware is KDE still has some Align stuff
    Carbon Fiber Tail Boom
    KDE Tail Boom Case Support
    KDE Battery Mount Bracket x 3
    Custom made satellite mount at rear of Heli.
    All the gears are the black upgraded versions, much better than the stock versions.
    It may be worth noting that I am running 3 bearings in the tail boom instead of 2.

    If you would like more info or want to talk about anything pm me and I will give you my phone number so we can chat about whatever you like. :)

    Trex600E DFC PRO 1.JPG Trex600E DFC PRO 2.JPG Trex600E DFC PRO 3.JPG Trex600E DFC PRO 4.JPG Trex600E DFC PRO 5.JPG Trex600E DFC PRO 6.JPG Trex600E DFC PRO 7.JPG Trex600E DFC PRO 8.JPG Trex600E DFC PRO 9.JPG Trex600E DFC PRO 10.JPG Trex600E DFC PRO 11.JPG Trex600E DFC PRO 12.JPG Trex600E DFC PRO 14.JPG Trex600E DFC PRO 15.JPG
  2. DeCuzar

    DeCuzar New to GSN!

    PM sent
  4. Hi, is this still available? If so pls contact me at 443-676-7888

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