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74" Edge 540

Discussion in 'ExtremeFlight/3DHS' started by denverjayhawk, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Discussion for the 74 Edge 540. This is currently, my only "larger" airplane.

    Setup is as follows:
    Motrofly 4325 310kv
    HS 985MG
    ICE 100
    4s 4000 x 2 gens ace 25c
    Castle BEC Pro
    2s 1300mah RX pack direct to BEC Pro

    Tested to about 2200 Watts on APC 19x10e. The Gens Ace lipos work great and I highly recommend them. If doing it again, I'd probably try some 5000mah batts just to get more weight up front.
  2. NeverEnough

    NeverEnough 30cc

  3. I have this plane and really enjoy it on 4s 5000 x 2 :D
  4. Loving my Edge. Super floaty, stable, little to no coupling, lots of knife edge authority, and looks good doing it! :cool:

    132 (2).jpg 133 (2).jpg 134.jpg 135.jpg 136.jpg 137.jpg 5320.jpg 5320 back.jpg 5320 Front.jpg 138.jpg 139.jpg 141.jpg 140.jpg
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  5. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    LOVE those wingtips. Do you notice any difference in the post stall harrier flight with them on? Do the wings rock a little more?

  6. I've actually never flown without them! I don't notice any wing rock, and it's just as stable, or even more stable than my 72" Extra and my 70" Slick post stall. I was planning on taking them off and trying the SFG's one day, but it already has great rudder authority.

    3DHS (Scott?) tested the racing tips on one of the prototypes. If I remember correctly they just said that they slow down the roll rate a little. The roll rate is still more than enough for me, and my ailerons are only at 30-35 deg.
  7. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    I asked because I know on my MXS they seem to increase the wing rock very slightly.
  8. Subbed!!
  9. Maybe I should try taking them off then. It would fly hands off harrier if it was any more stable. I could use my rudder hand for more important things...like holding my "soda pop"! ;)

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