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71" AJ Slick Building, Flying, and Questions

Discussion in 'ExtremeFlight/3DHS' started by AZAerobat, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Right now this is my favorite airframe in my hanger. Here are a couple of photos of my 71" AJ Slick in red. It is a gas version converted to electric.

    Here is my maiden flight. It is nothing fancy since I was quaking in my boots. I have gotten much more ballzy with it now. I still need to fly her more but I am getting more and more confident with each flight.


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  2. Joe's Dad

    Joe's Dad 70cc twin V2

  3. Fliprob17

    Fliprob17 SITE SPONSOR


    Fav. all around plane right now. Currently being used for EMAC competitions.....oh, it will 3D just a bit too ;)

    Hacker A60-6XS
    (2) GensAce 4000mah 4s in series
    Castle ICE-100
    Falcon Beechwood 18x8

    great setup on 8s getting 2700watts, plenty of pull ;)
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  4. I did not know you could run the A60-6XS on 8s. I might have to try that. I am running the A50-12L on 8S. It has pretty good power except from pulling out of a hover. I was thinking about switching to a 14L and propping up to see if that would help. So far that is my only complaint on my 12L is the pull out from a hover. It is great on everything else. It really freaks the guys out when I take off because they have never seen a plane that big take off in such a short distance. There are no 3D fliers at my field mostly older guys who fly warbirds so they think it is amazing! They all stop flying when I do just to watch. I am afraid of getting a big head from it. Hehe.
  5. Fliprob17

    Fliprob17 SITE SPONSOR

    Honestly, the 12L is a 6s powerplant. It's not "really" intended for "constant" 8s voltage. The 14L would let you run a larger prop., and that would improve that instant pull out of hover.

    The A60-6XS is a solid 6s or 8s setup, much smoother with the 28pole design. I would like to run a 19x8 on 8s, to get just a tad more toque down low, but the 18x8 works better all around and especially flying the IMAC routine.
  6. Thanks for the info Rob. Is the mount on the 12L, 14L and a60-6XS the same? Reason why I ask is because mine is already setup for the 12L and would like to just drop in a new motor. It would be easier then having to redo the whole front.
  7. Subscribed.
  8. Getting the electronics for one now. Subb'd.
  9. Fliprob17

    Fliprob17 SITE SPONSOR

    The 12L and 14L are the same, the A60-6XS has a larger x-mount
  10. Ok cool. Thanks for the info Rob.

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