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42" Vyper Bype

Discussion in 'ExtremeFlight/3DHS' started by weaser42, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. weaser42

    weaser42 30cc

    Now available for Preorder... I've got mine ordered up (a red one)

    42" Vyper Bype

    The new Vyper Bype was designed by Scott Stoops as a maximum-performance 3D biplane. Compared to similar monoplanes, the Bype has a higher roll rate, higher pitch rate, and almost twice as much wing area. Not a 3D trainer, the Bype is perfect for 3D pilots who want maximum control authority for maximum insanity in their flight routines.

    The Bype uses a Hacker A30-12XL motor with 14x7 or 15x6 prop and a 4S 2450-3000mah lipo. NOTE: it is important not to use equipment which is smaller than recommended in order to be sure of correct balance. The Bype uses 4 HS-85MG or similar servos.

    The Bype has a small footprint meaning it fits in most vehicles for transport fully assembled, but if you need to remove the wings they come off very quickly and transport easily. For easy battery changes, the Bype has a large bottom hatch with a convenient latch, and comes with a stand to support the aircraft during the lipo swaps.

    Airfoiled tail surfaces, carbon landing gear, carbon gear mount, aluminum wheel axles, fiberglass cowl and pants, phenolic control horns, genuine ultracote covering, ball link control linkages and everything else you want in a high-quality ARF is here. Take a walk on the wild side with the Vyper Bype, and invent some new maneuvers of your own!


    Wingspan: 42"
    Length: 48.5" with spinner

    Recommended Components:

    Motor: Hacker A30-12XL
    ESC: ICE 75 Lite
    Servos: Hitec HS-85MG
    Battery: 4s 2200-2650mAh LiPo

    Red: http://www.3dhobbyshop.com/42-Vyper-Bype--Red_p_16206.html

    Blue: http://www.3dhobbyshop.com/42-Vyper-Bype--Blue_p_16205.html
  2. horton

    horton 50cc

    Looking forward to you all getting and flying this. Lots of fun. I need to get a blue one built!
  3. NeverEnough

    NeverEnough 30cc

    I can't decide what color to get. Initially the red stands out to me, but the blue is also very nice. No, I can't get both.... which will it be?????
  4. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    Get the red. I've found it is very easy to see, and I've had two red vypers that looked GREAT!
  5. weaser42

    weaser42 30cc

    Get the blue since I already have red on order;)
  6. Joe's Dad

    Joe's Dad 70cc twin V2

    already got a blue one
  7. wamsy55

    wamsy55 50cc

    I have a red one. But it is at Bivens' house and I have to steal it back. hehehe
  8. Cmala

    Cmala 70cc twin V2

    If you want a blue one you can keep it at my house
  9. Notes on 42" Vyper Bype

    Since this one is coming soon, here are some notes form the development process:

    1.The Bype is a fairly fast airplane, not quite as fast as a monoplane since obviously all those extra bits and pieces do add to drag, but since Scott used thin airfoil sections it's still pretty quick. For this reason, I recommend having both a 14x7 and a 15x6 prop with you for the maiden session to see which suits you better. I find that 14x7 suits me best, but I'm in the minority.

    2.You will need rudder dual rates on this one. Only use rudder high rate for hovering and maybe super slow harrier rolls, and it's not really necessary for either of those. 25 degrees is plenty, and that will keep you from having to spend a lot of time on your roll mix, since like all bipes I know of, this roll mix is not linear. At 25 degrees it pulls a very tight KE loop and a 12-15% straight roll mix (depending on transmitter) keeps everything happy.

    3.The controls are extremely effective. Do not take off with only high rate ailerons at 45 degrees, if you do you're going to have a bad time. I like 25 degrees of aileron for high rate, and 10 degrees for low. Anything more and the roll rate is just too much. It's cool to show everybody at the field how fast it can roll one time, though.

    4.I'd tell everyone to balance it correctly, but there really isn't any way to mess it up. Use the right motor and pack, and it balances itself. DO NOT try to use an Omega 130g, it will be tail heavy.

    5.The kit includes sheet balsa landing gear fairings designed by TheKM. Use them. They really do affect the flight characteristics and personally I like them a lot.

    6.It's extremely easy to land, just point it at the end of the runway and hands off.

    7.Spend a little time on the sim learning anti-torque rolls because this Bype does them extremely well. It also torque rolls very, very fast when you apply aileron, but with 4 big ailerons holding a stable hover is easy if desired. Very easy to hover, too.

    8.Harrier is simple, stable, and only requires about 1/4 elevator. Walls are very tight as you would expect.

    9.My favorite maneuvers with it are KE walls, tight fast KE circles, and KE squared circles. These are impressive when flown about head-high at full throttle.
  10. Great info!! And as I have a red one on the way, I'm sure I'll put the info to good use.....


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