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2014 Magnolia Arkansas Fy-Low-In Pics and coverage.

Discussion in 'GSN Event Coverage' started by SleepyC, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. SleepyC

    SleepyC 150cc

    Hey guys! Well, were having some fun with the website, and it's fighting us pretty hard so my multiple photo uploader is broke. Is that going to stop coverage?!?! HECk NO! We'll put em on the home page! SO for pics and a few words on the event check HERE!

    Thanks for the support!
  2. Bartman

    Bartman Defender of the Noob!

    the photos look great steve......making me wish i was down there hanging with everyone!

    do me a favor and call me at midnight again tonight, ok? :)
  3. Bart, I'm sorry you're being called by amateurs. The "BP" calls are supposed to happen at 1am or later to wake you up to take a verbal beating. Not at 11pm while you're wide awake watching TV. And Steve sucks at drinking. Sounds like he's talking with a mouth full of s#it.
  4. Bartman

    Bartman Defender of the Noob!

    i'll straighten him out next week in Muncie.

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