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104" AJ Slick Building, Flying, and Questions


GSN Contributor
can't wait to see the build pics... now that I've flown my 89" with the DLE-55, a 104" does seem so far away now :eek:


Thanks for the pictures. You have any with the cowl off? I'd like to see the motor / ESC install, please.

Doug B.


70cc twin V2
I LOVE my 104!

I NEVER thought I'd ever be this comfortable with a plane this big!

It definitely inspires confidence!

I did a motor boks repair on mine last year and it still flies like a dream! Here are some pics of the repair.


104 Boks Repair 01.jpg104 Boks Repair 02.jpg104 Boks Repair 03.jpg104 Boks Repair 04.jpg


70cc twin V2
As most of you know who follow the 104 thread on RCG knows, I had a pretty miraculous save with my 104 the other day.

For those who don't,

Came into the field inverted, slowed to high-alpha inverted harrier from right to left. After it passed me as it got towards the end of the runway at about 8 ft above the runway... The engine died!!!

I screamed "OH $H1T!" (sorry folks, just the way it happened...) and slammed in right aileron. The left wing almost swept the ground as it rolled over upright and plopped down kinda hard, but directly on the landing gear!

The only obvious damage was that the tailwheel came apart on impact. I quickly repaired that. Figured out that the clunk line had hung in the tank, so I shortened it and flew 3 more flights that day!

I just went through the airframe this evening, top to bottom, front to back and the only other things I could find was a big chunk of rubber missing from a main wheel (replaced) and the wood broken from one cowl attaching point on the lower cowl ring (repaired)!

Man! Was I lucky!