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  1. Suds

    Skywing 91" Edge 540 V2 Assembly Thread

    I've seen small cutouts for the DA70 caps on another 91 Edge. Here's some video and you can see the cutouts at the beginning. https://youtu.be/P-cfzH3aRTo
  2. Suds

    Skywing 91" Edge 540 V2 Assembly Thread

    Looking good SnowDog. Don't forget on these newer designs that the gas tank is designed to go on the shelf where your RX batteries are. This keeps CG consistent from full to empty tank.
  3. Suds

    Skywing 91" Edge 540 V2 Assembly Thread

    Great build progress SnowDog! Put z rudder in the tail push pull. My electric setup is usually more tail heavy than gassers and my rudder servo is in the tail. And a little snippit from last evening's flight before the club meeting started.
  4. Suds

    Skywing 91" Edge 540 V2 Assembly Thread

    Sorry AK - that tip was meant for SnowDog on the Edge. I've also found that to hold true on my 120cc SW ARS - needs less rudder than full throw.
  5. Suds

    Skywing 91" Edge 540 V2 Assembly Thread

    AKNick - A setup suggestion: setup your rudder throw to be parallel to the elevator bevel or just slightly more throw. It's a big rudder and if you max out travel, the plane gets a little squirrely. I received this tip from SupaTim.
  6. Suds

    Skywing 91" Edge 540 V2 Assembly Thread

    Having a number of electric planes, I've learned to manage the throttle to extend flight time. I also use mah consumption telemetry to manage my flight duration. I'm getting an average around 6.5 minutes flights with a mix of low n slow and XA. The pilot figure is from Aircraft...
  7. Suds

    Skywing 91" Edge 540 V2 Assembly Thread

    I'm using a Dualsky GA6000.8 on 12S-6000mah. Prop on the maiden was a 24x12 electric wood which has subsequently been updated to a 24x13 Falcon electric carbon. Fully loaded, I'm somewhere between 20.5#-20.75#. Got lucky with a warm weekend in the middle of winter then. Got out yesterday as...
  8. Suds

    Skywing 91" Edge 540 V2 Assembly Thread

    Let's go SnowDog, wrap up the build and join the fun!
  9. Suds

    News Joe Nall 2019 thread

    I'll be there, hopefully longer than last year. Bringing a 105 Laser, 91 Laser, 95 Extra, 78 Extra. All electric.
  10. Suds

    Big Electric plane show and tell

    Up to a 120cc size electric now. Utilizing a custom belt driven gear reduction unit and a Scorpion 800-size heli motor. I managed to get video of 3 different pilots flying the electrified 105" AJ Laser. None of them IMAC style flying although Alex Barron did perform a number of high speed...
  11. Suds

    Joe Nall 2018, CANCELLED!

    2018 was my first Nall and was certainly much hotter than the '17 and '16 eWeeks from personal experience.
  12. Suds

    Big Electric plane show and tell

    Three additions this year. 1-Extreme Flight 91" Extra converted from gas and now running an XPWR 60cc motor, Castle Edge ESC and 24x12 Xoar Electric Prop. 2-Extreme Flight 76" MXS running a Scorpion 5525 and 22x10 prop. 3-Extreme Flight 78" Extra running a Motrolfly 5327 and 22x10 prop. 91"...
  13. Suds

    Smoke System for Electric planes

    Agree, but tempted to try the cartridges. Here is the origin of the ones for sale at HK. Mounting kits and remote igniters available. http://www.regin.com/rcsmoke.html
  14. Suds

    Big Electric plane show and tell

    My latest electric. An Extreme Flight 74" Edge running a Motrolfly 4330-225kv motor on 12s 3300mah batteries with a 20x8 XOAR prop
  15. Suds

    Big Electric plane show and tell

    Did some bean dipping last evening with the 73" electric Laser
  16. Suds

    Give-a-way contest! Win a Hanger 9 Extra 300X

    The foam core wings are cool and I'd like a bigger Extra. IN!
  17. Suds

    Big Electric plane show and tell

    73" AJ Laser on 12s-3300 powered by a Hacker A60-7s and 20x8 Xoar PJN.
  18. Suds

    Turbines are cool...

    And Frank knows how to have fun and put on a show. I captured this video over Memorial Day weekend. Good flight on a windy day but not as spectacular as his demo at xfc this year.
  19. Suds

    Bill Hempel 30-35cc Extra Build Thread

    Added two washers to the left side stand-offs for a little right thrust and and some vinyl graphics to dress up this bird. Really flying nice now. Had it up in 14-20mph crosswinds and it performed great and the graphics popped in the air.
  20. Suds

    Curious. Ethanol or not

    $15 per gallon, yikes! At least shipping is free. https://www.zoro.com/vp-small-engine-fuels-small-engine-fuel-4-cycle-5-gal-6202/i/G8529044/