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  1. Joe's Dad

    Joe Smith Flying the 50cc RedwingRC Extra 330!!

    Yep bit of a mix up when getting the Graphics from B & E Graphix, they look so good we didn't want to mess em up. But your are right, its a 330. At least we know people are watching the videos, LOL, could say we did it on purpose. Not
  2. Joe's Dad

    RedwingRC Pilot Joe Smith Flies For the Prince of Dubai!!!

    Thanks Mike for the post. We had a great time. The Prince is a really great guy and enjoyed talking with Joe. Joe would go back in a heart beat. Dubai is a fantastic city to visit especially for a couple of farm kids. And just so you know Joe was concerned about safety and his first flight...
  3. Joe's Dad

    Electric Fuel can Set up build

    Do you have a link to where you bought the parts? Like the Fuel pump? Thanks
  4. Joe's Dad

    3dhs 92" edge 540 !!!

    String and a small nut. Easiest way to reinstall a blind nut with no access point.
  5. Joe's Dad

    2014 3DRCForums 3D Freestyle Competition

    Behind the scenes antics killed the King 50. It will never have the notoriety it once had because of People who put politics ahead of doing what was best for the event. In order for this event to succeed it will take everyone getting along to make it successful. You have to keep in mind...
  6. Joe's Dad

    Spookfest!!! Galion Ohio

    Yes it does, St Catherine said she would announce it at next years Spookfest, So you should plan to attend
  7. Joe's Dad

    Spookfest!!! Galion Ohio

    Spookfest Video http://youtu.be/fTy2pz1mmxo
  8. Joe's Dad

    3dhs 92" Edge 540

    V block Good Bit Fairly fast RPM A little bit of Spit
  9. Joe's Dad

    3dhs 92" Edge 540

    This is how they fly when your done with assembly http://youtu.be/YDldRm2Rtqs
  10. Joe's Dad

    3DHS 120" Extra LX

    The Extra at the Wingnuts show http://youtu.be/2bEvFzaUwcQ
  11. Joe's Dad

    74" Edge 540

    74 warming up http://youtu.be/6_MPA1XG81o
  12. Joe's Dad

    72" Extra 330SC

    Yep the Jeti is monitoring battery capacity and announces when its time to land.
  13. Joe's Dad

    72" Extra 330SC

    Some fun with the 72. mom included http://youtu.be/5ITBX0hJR3w
  14. Joe's Dad

    3DHS 120" Extra LX

    120 under the lights http://youtu.be/Dg6Tpdahlv0
  15. Joe's Dad

    MEDIA BLITZ! 3DHS Tennessee Fly-Low-In - August 15-18, 2013 Knoxville, TN

    120" of Extra under the the lights http://youtu.be/Dg6Tpdahlv0
  16. Joe's Dad

    Trailers, Toy Haulers, Etc!

    Take a ride in your trailer. Probably not legal to do so. But people have no clue how much a trailer bounces going down the road. I have stories that would amaze you of items being trailer d.
  17. Joe's Dad

    3DHS 92'' EDGE Build Thread

    Joe Throwing the 92 around http://youtu.be/Tj4E6jFGNG8
  18. Joe's Dad

    Jeti DS-16 and Telemetry

    Joe's first day of college this year was today. So he's a bit occupied at the moment. Sorry