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  1. Enterprise

    3drcforums visits aerobeez hq's

    I had a 90" 330SC that I sold last year. I have not updated my signature line in a while. Need to do that. Got to fly one of the 65" EPP planes and I was impressed. This plane with the bigger wing seems more something I would like, but you hit a home run with the Typhoon scheme.
  2. Enterprise

    3drcforums visits aerobeez hq's

    The weight trade off between a 50cc setup and a 12s 5000 is pretty close to equal if you use the right components. I know with the 83/76" MXS from EF we get around 14-14.5 pounds with either setup. This seems to be a similar sized plane, hence why I ask. That plane has 1225-1260 squares...
  3. Enterprise

    3drcforums visits aerobeez hq's

    What is the wing area? 1129 on the Typhoon seems pretty low for a 14-15 pound plane with a 50cc in it or a 12s 5000 electric setup.
  4. Enterprise

    Servo bench testing

    I still have the one in my MXS rudder, although it will probably get replaced with hitec brushless over the winter to save a few grams as I want to trim down the the weight as much as possible. It flies better the lighter I make it. I have not heard from the guy I sold the plane with full set to.
  5. Enterprise

    94" mxs-exp

    The 8M is holding up? How many amps. My 91 has the 6L running a 26x10TH.
  6. Enterprise

    For Sale OS GT60 with aftermarket ignition and Carbon prop

    OS GT60 with stock quiet pitts muffler and after market ignition so it starts like every other gas motor, forwards all the time. Includes Evolution standoffs as well. Will also include choice of Carbon Fiber prop. Have a number of 23" and 24" choices, Falcon and Mejzlik...
  7. Enterprise

    For Sale DA-120 with 29x9 and Blazing Star mount

    Motor came back from DA in the spring. Had front seal leaking so they fixed that and did updates. Still in the bubble wrap. Serial# 2050. Sold the airframe over the winter. Comes with a Blazing Star mount and ignition as well as a Falcon 29x9 Carbon prop. I have a few other props so I could...
  8. Enterprise

    The 3DRCForums -Discuss Anything Thread-

    Mine came back from SEFF in a trash bag due to it's tendency to snap in rapid pitch changes. I tested this some with my 56 afterwards and talked to some other owners. Just a byproduct of the high taper wing and AJs desire for good snap roll performance. The plane flies very well and if you...
  9. Enterprise

    The 3DRCForums -Discuss Anything Thread-

    Mine had a Hacker A60-8S on 12s 3300. AJ recommends the A60-5S on 8s. The 3 big A60s are the same motor with just different winds. I just sold my A60-7S which is the 10s version or a hot 12s. I also have the 83 MXS and I like it more. It does not have any bad 3D habits like the AJ does. The AJ...
  10. Enterprise

    78'' Extra

    From everything I have heard the DLE-40 is heavy for the power it puts out. If you want to put that much weight on one, might as well do a DLE-55.
  11. Enterprise

    EF 30-40cc. Laser VS MXS

    I would have to dig up the post from Colton. It is somewhere on either the Laser or Edge thread on RCG, but in this case I am just the messenger. I have not gotten to same comfort level with the 74 Laser I have with the 60, but I think that has more to do with my general distrust for single...
  12. Enterprise

    Hostetler Cessna 336 Skymaster

    With fixed gear I guess the 336 is a easier subject than the 337. I have a couple of hours very very early in my flying in a 337. That rear motor was always troublesome. Lots of stories of it dying and the pilot not realizing it right away on takeoff. They made a special multi engine license for...
  13. Enterprise

    EF 30-40cc. Laser VS MXS

    Only thing is that there is a slight bit of difference in the sizes as the 78 and 76 are a bit heavier than the 2 74s. Also seems they have made the Edge character a little different. The comparison was done by Doc Austin. He has a blog page. Bonedoc did all those training videos and last I...
  14. Enterprise

    3d hobby shop 89" Slick (LPU)

    Does it come with any gear? Just bare airframe?
  15. Enterprise

    EF 30-40cc. Laser VS MXS

    Over on RCG there was a discusson on this. The Edge has serious pitch authority and the Laser is smooth, better balanced design. Similar weight and such. The Edge will be better at harrier and slow flight. Neither e-version is available yet.
  16. Enterprise

    Prop database.

    I see there are a lot of Falcon fans here. I have a lot of props for my various engine setups because for what I want out of a prop, most of this data is not useful. We have noise issues at a lot of fields up here and even though a Falcon 25x8W on my DA-70 might be a good performer, it is way...
  17. Enterprise

    Help With Motor Timing and Poor Throttle Response (Gecko 120HV)

    Talk to Garret like Drew said. I switched ESC brands for HV. Of all the ones I have tried, Graupner has the best acceleration, but I have to borrow a Graupner radio to program the ESC as the programmer is super back ordered. I mainly use Jeti Mezon, but that is because I now use their radio...
  18. Enterprise

    ESC suggestions

    If you are going Jeti, get a Mezon 90 or 130 and get the monster BEC and the telemetry.
  19. Enterprise

    Extreme Flight 76/83" MXS

    Jeff Williams used a ES pipe and he got it to balance. Go that route over a pitts. Noise reduction and more power.
  20. Enterprise

    Motrolfly 4325-310

    sold it at the time of the ad.