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  1. Alky6

    IMAC Pattern - Cadence w/ DA 35

    This will be a modified build of the Insight RC Cadence pattern plane. Will use a DA-35 for power. The fuse sides will be constructed of pre-preg carbon fiber panels. Have been dreaming of incorporating these into a build for a long time. Bought the plans a few months ago and have been staring...
  2. Alky6

    IMAC Scroll Saw Blade Recommendations

    Have a scroll saw coming for Christmas to help with my builds. Need some recommendations on pinless blades/types for: 1. thin balsa 1/8” or lesss 2. Balsa 1/4” - 1/2” 3. 1/8” light ply 4. 1/8” ply Have straight cuts and curved and inside and out. Ribs, fuse framing, balsa for shaped cowls, etc...
  3. Alky6

    Question? Hitec servo compare- mini vs micro

    OK. Hopefully Tanner - @Xpress - can chime in here... Looking at scratching out a non-electrified pattern ship and planning on servos. Not many high voltage low profile servos available out there. Mini/micro servos look to be promising. I have been using the Hitec HS-7245mh (1.2oz weight -...
  4. Alky6

    3D MOJO 65 w/20cc Build

    Finally getting to the MOJO 65 build. Had the short kit sitting for a couple years now. Had to finish the JTEC first. Will be using the VVRC 20cc for power. Unfortunately, the designer (Paul Swany) has closed up shop and his website is no longer up. I do have the .dwg file and a zip file with...
  5. Alky6

    20cc Pattern Plane for Practice

    OK. I know this may be heresy, but I have a VVRC 20cc that needs a home. Have everything to build a MOJO 65, but really thinking about a nice practice plane to work on sequences without pulling out my bigger planes. I have a .40 size Utter Chaos that really flies well, but would like a gas...
  6. Alky6

    DX9 Centering issues due to sub-trim

    Edit: Update -- Problem Fixed! I will try to explain in simplest terms. I also have a request into Horizon support regarding this issue. I am noticing that on surfaces where sub-trim is used to get the servo arm in the correct orientation for geometry purposes, when changing travel adjust...
  7. Alky6

    Wind Correction Recommendations

    Was out practicing the basic IMAC sequences and had a decent crosswind. On a vertical upline one has to crab the fuse to keep the plane tracking straight up. So here is my problem, and hoping I can get some recommendations. When you reach a point when it is time to make a direction change, say a...
  8. Alky6

    Quadcopter recommendation for work needed

    OK. Sorry if this is the wrong location (or even the wrong site) but my company (an irrigation district - supplies water for crops and drinking water) is looking to get a quadcopter to document pre-construction (and post) project conditions, provide footage to our Board, and perform general...
  9. Alky6

    TransAsia - Another one

    This is crazy footage. Another recent TransAsia crash. Nuts! Hoping this is the correct thread. A bit tongue-in-cheek.... http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/02/04/taiwan-plane-crash/
  10. Alky6

    IMAC JTEC 2.7m Extra 300CS

    Thought I would give this build thread a go. Recently received a JTEC kit for a combo late birthday and early Christmas from my in-laws. Gotta love my in-laws! Received three boxes from UPS. Of course the one labeled "fragile" got hammered... The cowl is tango uniform. Fortunately, that seems to...
  11. Alky6

    Weird Behaviors Solved through Troubleshooting

    Thought this would be a good thread to start. Essentially a place to post interesting or odd behaviors that presented a challenge but were eventually sorted out. There is definitely no substitute for experience. But I sure have learned a lot on these forums and hopefully this is a way to give...