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  1. Doc Austin

    3DHS 44" Slick 580__More Pocket Sized Fun

    Park size planes are always an almost obscene amount of fun. Outside of a bit of preventative maintenance they are usually totally carefree, take up very little space in the house or garage, and fit in the car fully assembled and ready to rock. This, coupled with the ability to use smaller and...
  2. Doc Austin

    Yak EXP__Tales Of The Big Dog

    After writing "Picking The Perfect 60" EXP I wanted a little bit of a break from writing, shooting and editing video. I was not actually planning to do another article of any sort, at least for the rest of the month, but we got so much great Yak footage yesterday that writing a little something...
  3. Doc Austin

    60" Laser EXP__Five Feet Of Smooth

    You may have noticed we are flying a lot of the 60" EXPs lately, which is because we have been. Since October I have built a new Yak, Extra and Laser in 60" and my Edge is a year old but still in excellent shape ..... new almost. I've got one of everything except a 64" MXS, but I plan to build...
  4. Doc Austin

    Fifty Videos: In Search Of The Gold Video Star

    Yak EXP https://vimeo.com/88308566 https://vimeo.com/87577546 https://vimeo.com/76739103 https://vimeo.com/76739052 https://vimeo.com/75618871 https://vimeo.com/83533997 https://vimeo.com/79824335 https://vimeo.com/61990564 https://vimeo.com/61979010
  5. Doc Austin

    Extreme Flight 60" Edge EXP -- The Unfair Advantage

    Let's face it: 3D Extreme Aerobatics is very competitive, even if you are not actually in competition. . It's a show-off kind of sport where you fly lower, slower, harder, faster and more on the edge than ever before. Of course, most 3D Extreme Aerobatics pilots are going try everything they can...
  6. Doc Austin

    Yippee! Charging The Lithium Polymer Beast

    Generally I try to stay away from technical articles about electric chargers and such because this is not my area of expertise. Mostly I try to keep the blog just fun, but you do have to charge your batteries and you do need to know something about it. I came into electrics knowing absolutely...
  7. Doc Austin

    60" Extra EXP__More Of A Good Thing

    After just over a year of flying the 48" Extreme Flight Extra EXP, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new 60" variant. The 48" has been my go-to plane from the minute I flew my first one, so I knew a bigger version would truly be more of a really good thing. Everything else being equal...
  8. Doc Austin

    Extreme Flight Extra 300 EXP Clean Sheet

    The original Extreme Flight 45" Extra 300E was a ground breaking airplane. Along with Extreme Flight's 45" Edge 540T, it pioneered the 45" 3D ARF class, and set a new industry standard for quality and performance. Those planes were everywhere, and since they kept selling out, Extreme Flight had...
  9. Doc Austin

    Extreme Flight 48" MXS Something Completely Different

    Doc opening note to readers: Click on any of the pictures in this article and they will expand to full page. This is especially useful when vviewing the set up photos. we have posted the article like this so it is easier to read withot having to scroll past huge pictures, and the page alos loads...
  10. Doc Austin

    Pierre la poone is killed!!!!

    The sorry Saga of Pierre LaPoone' This is a little long, so try to stay with me........ PROLOGUE................... In R/C aircraft there are those so obsessed with safety that they ruin everyone else's fun, and we called them the "safety patrol." Mostly, they were self appointed. They wore...
  11. Doc Austin

    The New Sport Pilot's Guide To 3D

    3D flying is still sweeping the RC hobby and industry. 3D dominates the advertising in RC magazines, and the internet discussion forums, while more and more 3D planes are showing up at local clubs and parks. It is all the rage, and yet there is no clearly defined path for starting and learning...
  12. Doc Austin

    Inside The 48" EXP Details

    While the EXP series' performance is what sets them apart from the rest, not everyone sees the engineering that went into making them such superior airframes. A lot of it is hidden under the cowling, canopy, and covering. Certainly sound aerodynamics come into play, but there is much more. EXPs...