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  1. jbeech

    About RC servo motors

    Ahhh . . . now you get into the territory of trade secrets. For example, this is why some servos squeal, approaches to PID tuning, etc. To be honest, this is a depth well beyond the scope of anything i'd ever endeavor to speak to within an askJOHN. Specifically, the purpose is to educate...
  2. jbeech

    About RC servo motors

    Actually, it's very difficult to judge the effect of a lesson on students when you're not in a classroom, e.g. to see their reactions concurrently so the usual tactics include the three R's . . . repetition, reiteration, and reapproach. Note; in a prior life I was a secondary education math and...
  3. jbeech

    About RC servo motors

    Tell 'em what you're gonna tell 'em, tell 'em, then tell 'em what you told them. Time proven.
  4. jbeech

    About RC servo motors

    Without fail, every customer brings up the question of the motor within our servos sometime during the conversation. The facts are, all servos - any brand - use one of three types; a DC-motor, coreless, or a brushless. Another fact is nobody seems to have a ready source for showing you how...
  5. jbeech

    89" SkyWing Laser 260 V2 Assembly Thread

    I have to agree, the black FRP laminate looks great, and opting for black on the foam turtledeck is another nice touch. Is SuppaTim the driving force behind this brand? Anyway, how does the wing attach, is the root flush with the fuselage, or does it inset against a flat structure beneath the...
  6. jbeech

    Ultra Stick 30 Twin First Hover

    Well done! And yes, a good boi always makes for a better day.
  7. jbeech

    Roban HH-60 Jayhawk US Coast Guard Scale Helicopter

    Well done. We make a 4-blade head for sport use (600-class), which a good friend designed. I fit one to one of my models (Pantera P6) and stuffed it into an Agusta A109 fuselage with good results. Here's a link to our making the rotor head: . . . and another to the A109 flying: . . . and like...
  8. jbeech

    Mystery Target Drone engines?

    Very cool. Good job of sleuthing!
  9. jbeech

    Mystery Target Drone engines?

    I totally understand where you're coming from because I'm also queer for engines (meaning it would have a similar valuation to me). Anyway, with a 1:1 bore to stroke ratio, that's a pretty good size engine, ~200cc/cylinder, call it 400cc. Useful props would range around 36" diameter, maybe...
  10. jbeech

    Mystery Target Drone engines?

    While I've seen photos of these before, I have nothing of value to offer vice the provenance, sorry. Meanwhile, have you a clue regarding displacement? Is the carb mounted on the back of the engine? With known displacement, figuring out a suitable carburetor becomes easier (if you intend to run...
  11. jbeech

    Greeting form Costa Rica

    if you're in the capital, say hello to Julio Pastora. Mention I said hello.
  12. jbeech

    Wanted 60% Plane?

    60% what? After all, a 60% of an Extra is a small-ish model for a guy making 25% bombers! And what are your plans servo-wise?
  13. jbeech

    I need help timing a 3w-546

    You're making a mountain out of a mole hill, in my opinion. First, the carbs don't know - or care - what engine they're on. If they're approximately the right diameter, if the vacuum port meets up with the diaphragm, if they're not leaking air or fuel, if the passages are not blocked with...
  14. jbeech

    Collector's item.

    I've got a Lee Custom K&B .61, which I've owned nearly 45 years. Great running engine. First used it to power a model called a Taurus, which I initially flew with a second-hand Fox .59 (two glow plugs in that engine). Subsequently, I installed it in a Phoenix 5 (another pattern plane, but this...
  15. jbeech

    K&B 7.5 ducted fan

    Why haven't you posted the rest of the photos? The engine comes apart quite easily. No getting it wrong. Nothing to damage. If the sleeve won't lift up easily, insert a bit of Popsicle stick in the exhaust port and use the itself piston to free it (don't use pliers on it, just your...
  16. jbeech

    K&B 7.5 ducted fan

    That engine is used for a ducted fan, and really needs a pipe. It's equipped with a rotary valve instead of a reed. I've still got several and ran them in RK40 fans and on pylon models. It's timed similarly to a pylon engine to turn in the 20K range. Appropriate prop will be in the range of...
  17. jbeech

    Scale F7F Tigercat 1/4 scale

    I misread the email from the site as one regarding a Tigercat for sale and thus, I am bitterly disappointed! Regardless, let me fix some popcorn and follow along (the sole reason I am commenting since I believe this means the system will keep me in the loop as the OP and others...
  18. jbeech

    Big Torque Servos - ProModeler PDRS420BLHV 420oz Brushless servo!

    Forgues-Research . . . while the photos seem to speak for themselves, please note 'I' didn't make the original post. Unfortunately, you have conflated photos of 2 different products - and made public - a despicable accusation of fraud on my part. Worse, this being the Internet, your insinuation...
  19. jbeech


    I fly a Futaba transmitter and use FrSky receivers. I'm satisfied. With respect to servos, while my $40 DS180DLHV is enough servo, if it were me I'd probably use the $50 DS360DLHV on all flight controls. https://www.promodeler.com/D360DLHV and don't forget this stuff; Battery -...
  20. jbeech

    Promodeler Servos

    I hate to admit it but I lost track of this website (just because there's so much in the way of social media these days). Anyway, I don't really post much in the forums, but this one seems especially nice.