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  1. N726AC

    Let's see your full-scale airplane!

    Scottish Aviation Bulldog.
  2. N726AC

    Identify this wheel

    Older White Rose, "tire" is molded urethane . They would last for ever but noisy on hard surfaces. Call or e-mail Vern for replacement clips and bushings.
  3. N726AC

    Evan Turner

    He's a nice kid/guy too!
  4. N726AC

    Corvus Racer 540 100-120cc (108")

    I still have a couple in stock made by EG, nice hardware, full carbon stuff and spare cowlings, canopys and wheelpants. Shipping is the hard part, they are big ! Can arrange delivery to the Chattanooga 3D Jam or Huck-O-Ween, or pick-up in SW Florida. PM for details.
  5. N726AC

    Official Joe Nall 2016 thread!!!!!!!

    Good talking with ya Bart!
  6. N726AC

    RIP Azhar from Aztech Aeromodels

    There is a humorous story behind Azhar's visit to Joe Nall. Some of you may know it,, I'm not yet ready to tell it, someday. Rest in peace my friend.
  7. N726AC

    Aeroplus rc and pro-rc

    Lorne has been strangely silent about Huck-O-Ween, I think he is in shock!
  8. N726AC

    The 'What did you do in your workshop tonight?' thread

    Fitted a new spinner to my GP-61 powered Corvus.
  9. N726AC

    A little story

    The personable Captain Jim and his mustachio,
  10. N726AC

    A little story

    My Wingman today,
  11. N726AC

    MX2 Loses Engine In Flight!!!

    I bet Rob Holland is a little concerned right now.
  12. N726AC

    MX2 Loses Engine In Flight!!!

    I wonder if there is video. Also glad he is okay.
  13. N726AC

    3D Farm Huck-O-Ween Oct 22-25

    Great place!! (cough, cough) If you don't expect Holiday in or Comfort Suites it is okay. Besides, all you are gonna do is sleep, shower and poop there. Did I say that ?
  14. N726AC

    My day did not suck....AT ALL... Infact it RULED!

    Did you make a pass in your Prius? ;)
  15. N726AC

    A little story

    It has a cover over the front hole in these pics. It is easily removed via dzus fasteners and a windscreen put in place,,, with dzus fasteners. ;)
  16. N726AC

    The 'What did you do in your workshop tonight?' thread

  17. N726AC

    A little story

    As some of you know, I have been working on a Pitts S2A. There is quiet a backstory on this. First of all the Pitts belongs to a great friend who is also a RC guy. He is a Top Gun competitor and also gets paid to haul people around in a 757. In April 2015, I brought my North American BT-14...