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    What beer ya drinking tonight?

    Just plain ole Miller Lite.....
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    I been riding motorcycles all my life, yes most of us do seem to have multiple hobbies... I just returned from Sturgis last saturday had a awesome time, I usually take one big road trip a year....Mine is the street glide ... black one [ATTACH=CONFIG]2411 6161=2411-key west 010.jpg
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    3dhs 89 slick

    Hmmm.... that's gives me something to think about... May just do a 60 single... be a little cleaner install
  4. V

    3dhs 89 slick

    Thx, for the advice.... That's what I'll do if I go with the 70... Hoping it will fit inside to cowl... The one I seen looks like it should have all kinds of room in there..
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    3dhs 89 slick

    I either go with 7954's or Savox , I never used the Savox's before but have seen great reviews... I was worried about the cg with the twin hanging off the front maybe move the rudder servo to rear?
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    3dhs 89 slick

    Ordered a 89in Slick... Can't wait till mid-march when it gets here... Now just to collect parts... engine, servos, rec, bat, blah blah blah... What you guys think bout going with a da70? to much? make it to heavy? will it fit?
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    New Here? Introduce yourself!

    This is the first time i think I have ever received a welcome!!!! Thanks very much... I reside in Marion, Ar which is 8 miles north west of the city of Memphis,Tn..I fly locally and an old ag strip with a few fellow new and older friends, typical weekend brings out 4 to 5 guys and growing. I am...