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  1. Dr. Danman

    New Here? Introduce yourself!

    Will do. Just got to wait for this pesky hurricane to pass through first. Wish i had built an Lockheed WC-130J instead so i could fly into the eye of storm and track data. :joy:
  2. Dr. Danman

    New Here? Introduce yourself!

    Thankyou fellow builders/flyers. Especially to Dhal22 who may remember that he helped me not long ago on F.G to identify an old Hanno Prettner plane that i have since restored and will attempt maiden this weekend.
  3. Dr. Danman

    New Here? Introduce yourself!

    Hi all. I'm Dr. Dan from Florida. Passion for r/c since 1969. I Delved into GS building/flying about 3yrs ago starting with Byron originals and 1/5 Topflite and Pica Kits. Joined GSN in hopes of gaining more knowledge,skills,tips from the more experienced than myself. Also, i am not actually...