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An engineering graduate of the University of Alabama, and based in central-FL, I've been an RC modeler since 1972. Following a crash of my favorite model due to switch failure, I added a 2nd lead to a battery pack because two switches in parallel provided redundancy.

My flying buddies immediately grasped the benefit. Some asked me to build 2-lead packs for them. Word got around and before long I was getting orders from all over the state! This led me to form ProModeler in 1983 and just like that, I was in business!

In 1993 I got a video camera and editing equipment and formed Panache Productions with a focus on how-to and event videos. One day the phone rang and it was Great Planes interested in becoming our distributor. In 1998 I started ModelSport video magazine, and in 2004, I founded Audacity Models for my model helicopter.

The natural progression saw us expanding the ProModeler range of products to include mufflers, blades, gyroscopes, plus servos in addition to our batteries. This basically served to vertically integrate the helicopter product (e.g. one box, all the goodies required to go fly). With professional UAS-interest in our servos, these eventually became the tail that wagged our business-dog.

Today, we continue offering 2-lead packs (because good ideas don't go out of style), plus our helicopter (Pantera P6), and ModelSport DVDs, but our focus is on servos. Ranging from a tiny 105oz-in sub-micro to a standard-size servo outputting a whopping 630oz-in, we have 19 different models in our lineup. Due to our primary customer, our servos meet three MIL-STDS (vibration, shock, and water intrusion) but we're pleased to offer them to hobbyists as well.

On the personal front, the long suffering Lynn continues to put up with me - warts and all - and in addition to flying my models, I'm also into old cars. Add to is, I fly a full-scale Beechcraft Bonanza, which I use to visit modeling friends and customers in an around the southeast (yes, packing a model to fly).
Apr 19, 1958 (Age: 65)
What type of aircraft do you fly?
All kinds



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