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Recent content by dominicm

  1. dominicm

    de Havilland Express biplane

    Our friend George (4-max.co.uk) flies his restored Chris Golds de Havilland Express for the first time. Some tinkering to do but a successful first flight.
  2. dominicm

    Some giant RCs filmed by 'Essential RC'

    Some of the favourite large RCs I've filmed in recent years. Which is your favourite ?
  3. dominicm

    Future RC is here...thrust vectored VTOL Star Wars TRI-JET

    Created by master RC designer and builder Dietmar Metz. This is the finished Star Wars Tri-Jet being demonstrated at a trade show in Germany. Quite amazing degree of control for an electric ducted fan jet.
  4. dominicm

    Santa is on his way

    Santa and his Reindeer. So clever. Notice how Santa waves and the Reindeer nod with Rudolph having a bright red nose !
  5. dominicm

    Sukhoi Su-30 RC twin turbine jet (~£25K)

    RC jet of 2021. This thing is a beast. You would need around £25K GBP to own one. Specification: Length: 149.6" (3800mm) with the probe Wingspan: 96.7" (2457mm) Power: 2 x 16-20kg thrust Dry Weight: 26-29 kg
  6. dominicm

    Two turbine A-10s with added Brrrttt

    These awesome RC A-10 Tank Busters are powered by micro gas turbine jet engines which give more than enough power for realistic vertical performance and speed on low passes. The black/white camo kit is made by Skymaster Jets and the all grey version is made by Mibo. Both leading manufacturers in...
  7. dominicm

    Giant P-47...flown hard

    This seriously large P-47 was flown at the Wings and Wheels RC Model Spectacular by John Mason of TJD Models. It has wingspan of 122 inches, the weight is around 70 lbs and the model is powered by a DLE-170. Other engine options for this giant are the DA-200, DLE-222, MOKI 250 and 300. Plan...
  8. dominicm

    Flapping Eagle ornithopter

    No doubt they would rip it to shreds !
  9. dominicm

    Flapping Eagle ornithopter

    I've flown a few 'ornithopters' and this is by far the best flying I have tried out. Super simple to assemble as well. Hours of fun for the pilot and local wild life.
  10. dominicm

    55% Ultimate Biplane inverted tail touch

    Robbie Skipton displaying his 55% Ultimate and during the display he pushes out of an inverted pass and touches the rudder on the deck !
  11. dominicm

    Giant scale FW-190 and Me-262 fly together

    Rare combination of two WW2 aircraft flying together, piloted by father and son Paul and Luke.
  12. dominicm

    Swiwin 220B turbine jet engine | first start

    So easy to install this engine. Bolt to the ply rails and then with one electronic cable and one fuel line it was minutes to get it all hooked up and ready for it's first start.
  13. dominicm

    Two 60% scale clipped wing Cubs in close formation

    These guys have been practicing their formation flying for a long time. That's how they got so good at this. They are flying Bill Hempel Clipped Wing Cubs. These radio controlled aircraft have a wing span of 18 feet (216 inches) and are designed for the 3W-275cc engine but Azza and Sonny used...
  14. dominicm

    Scratch built micro turbine powered F-4 Phantom

    Design inspired by a 1:72 scale Airfix kit and powered by 2 45N turbine engines. An amazing scratch built F-4 Phantom.
  15. dominicm

    FPV enabled turbine sport jet. First test flight

    Thanks Mike. We abide by European law, specifically what is termed 'article 16'. Key thing is the aircraft has to be kept within visual line of sight. Which it was because I was flying it VLOS. The guy sitting down was wearing the FPV goggles...but we had a good chat afterwards about whether it...