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    Key Features
    • No assembly required
    • Exclusive AS3X® stabilization technology
    • Multiple flight modes that make 3D easy
    • Feather-light, carbon-reinforced foam airframe
    • Side-Force Generators for improved knife-edge flight
    • Potent 8.5mm coreless motor
    • Spektrum DSMX® receiver
    • Spektrum long-throw performance linear servos
    • Stunning red and silver trim scheme
    • Carbon fiber landing gear with simulated wheel pants
    Needed To Complete
    • Full-range, 6+ channel DSMX®/DSM2® transmitter
    • 150mAh 1S 3.7V 45C LiPo flight battery
    • 1S LiPo charger
    With a flying weight of barely over an ounce (36 grams), the compact UMX™ Yak 54 3D ultra-micro is small enough and light enough to be flown just about anywhere. But what really sets it apart is its specially tuned AS3X® stabilization system. This exclusive technology makes it easy for sport pilots to discover the fun of hovering and harriers without sacrificing any of the agility an expert 3D pilot demands.

    Specially Tuned AS3X® Receiver Makes 3D Easy

    The AS3X® (Artificial Stabilization - 3-aXis) technology in the model's receiver makes it easy to discover the fun of 3D aerobatics without feeling frustrated. Using a unique combination of sensors and software, it works behind the scenes to make slow-speed and knife-edge maneuvers feel incredibly stable without limiting the aircraft's agility or interfering with your control. The plane simply stays in whatever attitude you want without making you struggle to keep it there.

    The receiver also features five pre-programmed flight modes - three default modes that are active out of the box and two alternate modes you can activate later. Each has different AS3X® stability settings tailored for your skill level or the 3D maneuver you want to try.

    Default Modes

    • General Flight Mode
      • Heading hold in roll-axis for a locked-in feel.

    • Standard AS3X® Mode
      • Tuned for the expert 3D pilot but great for flying pattern aerobatics, too.

    • Hover Assist Mode
      • Aggressive heading hold in roll, yaw and pitch so it's easier to enter and maintain a hover.
    Alternate Modes

    • Knife-Edge Assist Mode
      • Heading hold settings for roll, yaw and pitch that make it easy to try knife-edge maneuvers.

    • Torque Roll Assist Mode
      • Aggressive heading hold settings for yaw and pitch that make torque rolls easier.
    Flight-Ready Out of the Box

    No assembly is required. The model comes with the motor, Receiver/ESC and servos already installed. All you have to do is charge a battery, bind it to a compatible DSMX/DSM2® transmitter and fly. An E-flite® 150mAh 1S 3.7V 45C LiPo battery is recommended for best performance.*

    Feather-Light, Carbon-Reinforced Airframe

    Carbon fiber rods brace the wings so you can enjoy outstanding power-to-weight performance and still have the rigidity necessary for crisp control response. The model also features carbon fiber landing gear with wheel pants.

    Built-In Side Force Generators

    Side Force Generators attached to the wing tips boost rudder authority in knife-edge flight so you can fly tighter knife-edge loops.

    *Battery, transmitter and charger all sold separately.

    Check out E-flites website for more details